Is Democracy and elections the same thing?


Apparently not. Iran had elections, but the U.S. doesn't think Iran is a democracy.



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Even China has elections.

Like I said on the other post, a Democracy is a system~ elections are a function of that system.  Just like an engine is a critical part of a car, it can also be used for other functions as well.

I should have formulated my question better. My point is the U.S. doesn't recognize elections as enough to qualify as a democracy. Sure other qualifiers may be needed such as every citizen gets a vote and freedom of the press.
I think America only considers elections democratic when the candidates that'll work with American interests wins.

American interests means American business interest.

It's been reported that the U.S. may have been behind coups to overthrow democratically elected officials in various countries such as El Salvador 1979, Chile 1973, Honduras, Guatemala 1954, Iran 1953, Hati (1991/2004), Greece, and ?


Thailand (2006), Bolivia (2008), Argentina 1976, and Venezuela (2002 failed) are possibilities, but there may not be enough information out about it yet.


I think that the conclusion many of us are starting to come to is that America is no longer a democracy, but a corporatist nation.  Our culture is now determined by corporate interactions and advertising (pop culture), corporations now have the ability to powerfully effect elections (being afforded rights above citizens), and due to the sheer power that we've allowed them they have the ability to influence legislation as well.  They are replacing citizens as the major driving force in america, simply using Americans and the illusion of voting as a battery to fuel themselves.  There is no such thing as "sacred" anymore, only those ventures that seem most profitable and the almighty dollar.

This, unfortunately is why Sarah Palin will become President of the U.S. She must get so much air time because she is sponsored by Rupert Murdoch or the Koch brothers. 


"tricked by religion"..

What about it?
When I tell people in the U.S. that England has a state religion they look at me like I'm stupid.
thats because the majority of people here really are stupid.  dunning-kruger syndrome is a perfect explanation when it comes to discourse in this country.
As Park Bierbower said, an election is a function only. The quality of the electorate is everything. You could have a free and fair elections in Afganistan and a Swiss republic would not be the outcome.


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