I wanted to put this question out there to see how strongly everyone feels on this subject. Being that most of us trust in scientific fact and reasoning, I was wondering if everyone is absolutely, undeniably, 100% sure that a god doesn't exist.  I personally take into account that there is no proof of any cosmic creator so therefore I am about 99.9999% sure that there is no god. However we all agree that science is an ever evolving field and I don't think that there will ever be any proof to support the existence of a supreme being, but I can't be 100% sure until there is concrete proof against one. I would like to know what all of your thoughts on this.  

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According to Dr. V. S. Ramachandran and by looking at the history of Muhammad I think that Muhammad suffer from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

"Neural basis of religious experience
In a 1997 Society for Neuroscience talk, Ramachandran hypothesized that there may be a neural basis for some religious experiences. He stated that "There may be dedicated neural machinery in the temporal lobes concerned with religion. This may have evolved to impose order and stability on society."Ramachandran described an experiment in which he measured the galvanic skin responses of two subjects who had experienced temporal lobe seizures. Ramachandran measured the subjects' responses to a mixture of religious, sexual and neutral words and images and found that religious words and images elicited an unusually high response. Ramachandran has also discussed his ideas about the neural basis of religion in a number of talks and in Phantoms In The Brain. He cautions that his ideas are tentative, and so far he has not published any research on this subject." Wikipédia

In his lengthy diatribe  Huseyin DENİZ has accused us of, among other things, "delirious raving". As this thread includes anti-theism I will say that most of the "delirious raving" is coming from the authors of these so called holy books & not free thinkers. The Celestial Jesus said this, the angel Gabriel told me that, God/Yahweh/Elohim/Allah is angry about such & such. Give me a break! Only the religious would take the mentally ill at their word.

What kind of guy who let a 16 years kid that who can't able to carry a sword and have no experience to fight in serious war. Knowing that he is going to be killed everybody know that he is going to be killed even his brother and the kid himself know that and actually he did killed.

S’ad Ibn Abi Waqqas narrated, “I saw my brother, ‘Umair Ibn Abi Waqqas hide himself before he was presented before Messenger of Allah on the occasion of battle of badr. I asked him, “O my brother! What has happened to you? ” He replied, “I fear that if the Messenger of Allah saw me, he would think of me to be too young and would disallow me (to go). But I love to go out (in the battle). May it be that Allah would grant me Shahadah.” But soon after that he was presented before the Messenger of Allah who disallowed him. He started to weep due to which he permitted him [to go out]. S’ad said, ” I tied the sword’s age. He was martyred at the age of sixteen years (only).”

Transmitted by Ibn Sa’d as given in al-Isabah vol 3 and also by Bazzar. Its narrators are reliable as given in al Majma’.

Now what make me feel disgusting is that every Muslims think this is heroic act, what the logic of this inresponsable behavior ?
These people are brain washed totally.
    Hi, Dear Atheist Nexus membership, I have followed your website for 5 days. Why are you so afraid of GOD who you do not beleive %99.999. I read Mr. Huseyin Deniz's text and after Mr.Leveri, Loren Miller, Freethinker31 and Jay Stride. If you claim this is a freethink area you would respect everybody's idea, not being forced to suspending ones membership.
    I also want share an opinion for your remaining % 0,001, beleive in GOD.

    Is it nature that creates?The universe is the setting of billions of happenings at any moment. It resembles a giant laboratory or an enormous stage. We can also liken it to an army in which there are made extraordinary maneuvers, to a fair with an overwhelming greatness, or to a dining table on which billions of creatures have their meals.
Our world rotates around the sun with a great speed but does not fly off its orbit. It has been carrying the passengers, namely human beings, animals, plants, inanimate beings, on it for thousands of years, and does not hurt them.
The sun rises right on time every morning with a fresh harmony. It carries out the task of heating and illuminating with a great order, which has been given to it.
The stars are hanging in the space, those colossal spheres which are thousands time bigger than our world, continue shining in the vault of heaven.
There appear marvelous works of art everywhere and every time. You plant some tiny seeds into the soil. You flatten the top and water it. After a while, you see there sprout a beautiful bud. Then this bud grows, it grows into branches and leaves. Finally, it bears sweet fruits.
Think about an egg of a canary. It is a tiny being that has been made from various nutrition in its body. When the time comes, this small egg cracks, a tiny young bird comes to the world with its unhardened beak, and body without furs. In the course of time, it gets dressed with colored furs, and sings beautifully
Human being is a drop of water in the very beginning. Then this drop transforms into flesh, blood, bones. When the time comes, the world gains a baby. Seeing eyes, hearing ears, smelling nose, holding hands, walking feet, feeling heart, thinking brain All this comes true gradually and there comes a time when this drop of water can read this universe like a book!
     One cannot count the number of marvelous happenings in the world! You see everything is done with a great order and arrangement. There is a benefit and wisdom in each happening. Everything is created with conscious measures. Nothing is uncontrolled, and nothing is left to them.
    You ask, Who creates all these works of art? Who is conducting all these happenings, revolving the stars without flying away, making the world a cradle for animate beings, giving the meals to billions of creatures in time? He is such a creator that He creates a giant tree from the tiniest seed, and creates man from a drop of water.
    Some attribute all these happenings to nature. You might as well come across this word on television, radio, newspapers, and magazines even from time to time in schoolbooks.
We need to ask those who attribute these happenings to nature, What is nature? In a short definition, they will define it as the whole of animate and inanimate beings.
It is a clear reality that the inanimate beings cannot do something on their own. Put a hammer, nails, and woods in a room, and wait a million of years, they themselves will not make a table unless they are handled by a conscious maker. Soil, air, water, and sunshine are not more conscious than hammer, nail, and wood. Even a snow-flower is more wonderful than a table. So it becomes quite clear that nature, which is inanimate, mindless, consciousless, and deprived of strength and will, cannot make even one single animate being.
     The most conscious one of the animate beings is human being. Human being is incapable of making even a leaf, let alone making the universe and those in it. Furthermore, he is searching the one who has created himself too.
     If it is known surely that nature is composed of animate and inanimate things, and these things can create nothing, it will become quite clear that this universe and the works of art in it have been created by Allah (SWT), the possessor of infinite knowledge, will, and power.
    I seem to hear that deniers say as follows, What if all these beings have been created by the laws of nature?
   We need to ask them, Are these laws wise, conscious, seeing, hearing, deciding, and all-knowing ones? The answer will be No because, even woods would laugh at the reply Yes. We have already explained above that the one not having these qualities cannot be the creator.
Moreover, the laws of nature are proofs to the existence of Allah Almighty. Because, if there is a law, there is supposed to be a lawmaker. Not a single law can emerge on its own. We can clearly see this even in the laws that humans make. Another point is that: There needs to be a judge in order for the laws to be practiced. If there is no judge, no laws can exercise jurisdiction on their own. It is possible to see the best example of this in the laws that human beings make.
     We also need to ask those who claim that the nature is creator: Who has created the laws of the universe and nature? They would compulsorily answer it nature. If you asked a second question What is nature composed of? he would reply it, It is composed of the universe and the laws of nature. Because that is the truth. Having received this last answer, one needs to deal the last blow: Sir Nature! Are you aware of the fact that you are being silly with these words of yours by claiming that you have created yourself? This situation is ridiculous. Because this is no different than saying it is writing itself that writes, and it is table itself that makes table.
    Anybody with careful attention will see that the nature itself is a marvelous work of art. It shows its creator who has brought it into existence out of nothing, has adorned it with thousands of design and a variety of colors. Nature is a unique picture composed of the creatures we have described above, it shouts with its manner-tongue saying My Artist is Allah, who is the possessor of infinite knowledge, will, and power! It announces this truth with the harmony of nature.
   To conclude: Nature cannot be creator, because it is an incapable creature!

We need thumbs down buttons. And then after 5 of them these types of posts disappear.

I always laugh when I see those kinds of posts here, since to gain membership they had to lie when answering some basic questions designed to keep this a site for non-theists. Who is interested in dialogue with someone who is dishonest right off the bat? Lol

since to gain membership they had to lie when answering some basic questions

Hey Poll,

we are not interested in your 0.001 God, if he is there, he stay out of our business, we stay out of his business.

And I guess if we don't believe you or your version of magic and fairy tales, you or one of your friends will strap a bomb to your chest to prove you are right correct (9.5)? I'm sorry what is my punishment again for non-belief in your artist (4.89)? Does your artist let me beat my wife (4:34)? Your artist is a real peice of work, sort of like a Charles Manson meets Joseph Kony. I guess most of us here are 100% certain that if there ever was a god(which there isn't) it certainly wouldn't look like allah (small a). Now please go back to finger painting and pre-K, that is where your artist argument belongs.

Hey Poll,

You have the right to be idiot, but please stop telling people to be idiots, because you make fun of yourself here.

@ Atheist Nexus administrator, please block Poll Arthor from my site, I have heard all of his nonsense before and don't need to read it or consider it again.

Is it nature that creates?

Well, Nature is a part of existence is it not? This brings me to answer this question with the following question for you Poll Arthor:

Giving Existence itself is the Sum total of all that exists definition:

ex-is-tence (g-zstns)
1. The fact or state of existing; being.
2. The fact or state of continued being; life: our brief existence on Earth.
a. All that exists: The sum of all existence.
b. A thing that exists; an entity.

This to which includes every force to cause, process, function, person, place, thing, or according to the question you purposed, Nature itself.. So here are my questions Future 2:

Q1: What is God without Existence?

Q2: If Existence is god, then what of existence is not when Existence is defined as all that exists?

Q3: If Existence is not GOD, Then what of existence is when Existence is defined as all that exists?

And lastly, and the more telling question to which answers your own:

Can you Poll Arthor, explain to me Causality, why we are here, how we got here, where we came from, life, consciousness, nature, states, forms, complexity, essence of being, reality, or existence itself without existence? 

So if you want to complain about others not directly answering your question(s), I dare say I am interested in seeing you answer mine. Hence the question isn't who, but rather what..




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