I wanted to put this question out there to see how strongly everyone feels on this subject. Being that most of us trust in scientific fact and reasoning, I was wondering if everyone is absolutely, undeniably, 100% sure that a god doesn't exist.  I personally take into account that there is no proof of any cosmic creator so therefore I am about 99.9999% sure that there is no god. However we all agree that science is an ever evolving field and I don't think that there will ever be any proof to support the existence of a supreme being, but I can't be 100% sure until there is concrete proof against one. I would like to know what all of your thoughts on this.  

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I'm not freaking out about it, I'm just not willing to let it go un-noticed. It's the epitome of irrational thinking to believe spelling the name of god will somehow put one at odds with Mr. Omnipotent. It's right up there with the belief that drawing a picture depicting Mohammed in any manner is disrespectful.

Actually in some Christian and in deep biblical era it is considered a sin to speak or write the name of the deity.. Well for those other than priests ect. It was believed that knowing, writing, or speaking the name would give you power over him, it, or her.. This interestingly dealt with desert demon gods to which Yahweh actually is. 

So for some it's prohibited, and as said, could actually be intended out of supposed respect.

I was raised Jewish and my Hebrew school teachers (religious classes in addition to public school) taught me to write jee dash dee (G-d), but now I just write lowercase jee oh dee (god) or gods. In addition I was taught that anything with any name of god name on it could never be destroyed or thrown away. It had to be ritually buried...

WOW  Michael   that just  shows how theists  are  controlled.....I was  always  a rebel  and  rarely  followed  the rules  of religion ...I guess that explains  a lot about  me going  rogue...

Lets simplify this, or as in how I have myself determined with certainty there is no god..:

1. The definition of Existence is the "Totality of all that exists." It is everything, every force to cause, process, system, mechanism, state, function, essence of being, person, place, or thing. It is Causality..

2. Universe is defined by the oxford dictionary as "everything that exists" to which is synonymous with "Existence". Please note this definition differs from "Observable Universe".

3. Pantheism is the theistic belief that Existence (The Universe) is God. This produces a paradox in which complete nullifies the concept of GOD entirely to which can be noted in the following questions and answers below:

Q1. What is GOD without Existence?
A2: Non-existent, irrelevant, pointless, a non-entity, fictional, or a figment of the imagination at best.

Q2. If Existence is god while understanding the definition of Existence is all that exists, then what in and of existence is not? 
A2: Existence being defined as all that exists means everything and everyone is "GOD".. Therefore the concept of GOD is moot and essentially meaningless while also making any worship of itself from another part of itself rather Narcissistic and incoherent. Hence it makes no logical sense for Existence to worship itself and then punish itself for not..

Q3: If Existence is not GOD, then as above in contrast, what in and of existence is? 
A3: If Existence is not GOD, it is therefore by definition that there isn't anything in and of existence that is. Hence there is no possible such thing as a GOD by consequence of the premises and by definition alone. 

So here is the ultimate Question you can ask a theist:

Can you explain to me causality, purpose, meaning, functionality, consciousness, life, how we got here, why we are here, where we are, where we came from, what we are, essence of being, or anything at all without existence? 

I saw it spelled "Gawd" on some post. Now, when I use this form I always hear some preacher with a southern drawl who takes about 3 seconds to actually say the whole word.

For example: G…a…w…d! Wants you to be wealthy.

Or: G…a…w…d! Hates homasechools.

I know this is prejudiced but I just can't help myself.

On another note I just finished reading the Babylonian creation epic, the Enuma Elish (When On High), & I have to say their chief gawd Marduk is way more badass than Yahweh. He has super powers such as radiance & numerous super weapons. Among these are the unfaceable flood weapon, Imhullu the evil whirlwind & lightning. Marduk does away with the primal gawd Apsu & then conspires with the other gawds to unseat the primal goddess's chosen consort, Qingu. The primal goddess, Tiamat, is OK with the death of Apsu but is really pissed about the Qingu plot. Marduk uses his super weapons to destroy Tiamat & her demonic army. He then creates the heavens, the seas & the earth with the bodies of Apsu & Tiamat.  Qingu gets chopped up to make humans to work on the irrigation canals so the Igigi (lesser gawds) can stop bitching about having to do it. All is well with the world until the humans become so noisy that the gawds can't sleep & Marduk sends a flood to destroy them. But that's another story.

Frankly, I'm surprised that Marduk & his merry gang of gawds & gawddesses aren't more popular. I am sorely tempted to proselytize.

I think some people prefer to stay in the safe zone , they think if they can stay some how , religious there will be nothing to lose, and what the benefit of being Atheist.

Atheism open lots of unanswered questions like what the purpose of existence? why we are here and what happened after death, all these questions that religions have answered in boring details. 

They are silly, lame and partial answers but it's enough to shut up these curious questions, and make one think no more.. but this come in the cost of disgrace the intelligence of human.  You can hold the .0000000000000001 probability , but you will never experience the ultimate freedom and dignity of human.


Well giving that Existence is the totality of all that exists Rick, it's also the totality of meaning and purpose as well. So what is the purpose of existence? Well, I would imagine it's rather simple really, and that is to exist. Now what happens after a living organism dies is not entirely known, but non-existence isn't going to be one of them as at best there can only be a change of purpose, meaning, state, form, order, or function.. To example this, please read below:

You have a message on a chalkboard, but if you erase the message, is there a loss of information or existence? Well the answer is no as all that which made the message on the chalkboard still exists, and the only loss is your ability to recover it. All the chalk is still there as it falls on the ground, smears on the board, and adheres to the eraser. What you have is a change of state, form, function, purpose, meaning, or order ect. Hence there is no loss of existence.. 

We like the chalk message are made of energy, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So the question is what purpose, meaning, form, state, function ect will we take on after we die. Even our very atoms, or even the water molecules we are made of could have been what made up of living Dinosaurs millions of years ago.  So I agree that religious people feel uncomfortable in contemplating these questions since they likely fear death so much that they need to hold on to some fantasy ideology to give them some form of comfort not matter the cost of ignorance. 

There is no purpose of existence. purpose would imply a creator. Existence was not created, it just always existed and always will exist.

When you die, existence permanently reverts back to the way existence was during the eternity of time which existed before you existed.

I would say the purpose of Existence is simply Existence. It does not need imply a "Creator".. But even if you wanted to imply a "creator", everything to which has cause is an emergent property of existence itself. Hence existence is every force to cause, it is literally Causality itself to which we are products of and literally a part of.. But you are correct in that Existence cannot be created to which is why Existence is most likely a self-generating system from itself to where you only can have a change of purpose, meaning, order, function, process, state, form, function, or position ect. Our atoms may be 13.8 billion years old, but the energy in which our atoms are made of is as old as Existence itself.. Hence we can only come from and be made from Existence itself whether if we understand how that happened or not. 

This doesn't mean that intelligence wasn't involved in our making, it only certainly means that whatever the process was, it was existence itself doing the work as even consciousness cannot exist without cause, without the inertia and processing of information, or existence. Yep, even the conscious state is an emergent property of the processes that produce it to which requires a complex adaptive system with feedback. This further demonstrating the irrationality of the concept of a GOD.. Especially when one cannot pre-exist existence in order to create it so they themselves can be in and of existence. 

I live in an apartment complex that is kind of a way station for people coming into Canada. My neighbours are Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Zoroastrians, Evangelical Christian, Buddhist, anything you can imagine. Some worship gods & goddesses that I have never heard of. All have different concepts of divinity, some of which are mutually exclusive. Some have no concept of a "supreme" being. For others there is no "creator", only a re-arranger of formless matter. An engineer as opposed to an artist.

I was raised in a culture that takes the Christian "God" as a given. No Canadians that I know have ever discussed with me what is meant by the term "God". The Christian religion is so privileged that it is the default position for many Canadians, whether they are believers or non-believers. Even the terms I am using now are based on God vs. Not God as if Not God was a proposition that needed to be proved.

The Bible is of no help. No set definition of "God" there. I haven't studied the Quran but the many Islamic names for Allah reveal contradictory properties. The ancient Egyptians adopted a different strategy. By having many specialized gods & goddesses they avoided some of the logical inconsistencies which plague monotheism.

So, what is "God"?  Recent research has shown just what parts of our very physical brain are involved when we talk to deities or feel their presence. When researchers ask subjects to talk to "God" particular areas of the brain show as active in functional MRI scans. These are the same areas that evolved to allow us to model the personalities of our fellow human beings & incidentally provide children with imaginary friends. Electrically stimulate the brain in the right place & subjects actually see & hear gods & goddesses. 

So, based on the scientific evidence, divine beings are a result of activity in the brain that we misinterpret as real things outside of ourselves. Do they exist? In one sense no, as they are mental simulations. In another sense yes, as they reside as information encoded into the matter of our brains. They have an existence in the physical universe.

In conclusion I am absolutely certain that God exists. After a fashion.

I Am afraid  Jay  that  you are not a true  Atheist.....If you believe that god exists then you are  a theist....You  either  believe  or  you don't  believe..........


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