I wanted to put this question out there to see how strongly everyone feels on this subject. Being that most of us trust in scientific fact and reasoning, I was wondering if everyone is absolutely, undeniably, 100% sure that a god doesn't exist.  I personally take into account that there is no proof of any cosmic creator so therefore I am about 99.9999% sure that there is no god. However we all agree that science is an ever evolving field and I don't think that there will ever be any proof to support the existence of a supreme being, but I can't be 100% sure until there is concrete proof against one. I would like to know what all of your thoughts on this.  

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Hi Scott,

I think that 99% is reasonable for a deist God but 99.9999% is reasonable for a theist God.

Given how much we don't know, certainty must contain some element of dogma. The 2 reigning paradigms of physics -- relativity and quantum mechanics -- are at loggerheads with each other. We have fundamental gaps in our understanding. Total certainty is far from reasonable.

The 2 greatest reservations I have holding me back from 100% certainty centers around (1) the origin of the universe and (2) the ineffable mystery of life.

I had held that (1) if the universe had a beginning, that would violate the fundamental laws of nature and open the door to a supernatural "source". But the latest scientific consensus asserts that the universe sprang naturally from nothing because the total energy of the universe equals zero (thanks to negative energy). Nature abhors a void and fills it with quantum fluctuations. If that's true, then I guess my reservation #1 has been removed.

Thus far, (2) abiogenesis is an unsubstantiated theory. We don't know how animate beings sprang from inanimate matter. The fact that there should be life (or universe) at all is awe-inspiring to me. Given the billions of years that must have preceded life in the universe, its appearance is the closest thing I know of to a miracle. Given the scales of time and space involved, it's not unreasonable to believe that life was inevitable and that it simply had to wait for the right conditions. The "anthropic coincidences" of cosmology and physics suggests a universe fine-tuned for life and gives me pause to wonder if the conditions for life were truly inevitable on physical grounds.

The bottom line, to me, is that the question of The Creator is irrelevant to us. He's surely not a personal God.
hi ft i think that intelligence haves to be evolve, it is a long process thats the same with life its a vary long process. we can in a lab grow mole out of nothing that mite be the start of making life, it will be found out how to make life, that dont make us g?ds, the mono-g?d is out of all questions,.. it dose not exist............... im a 100%............thanks for your post its a good one
Right on, man.
99.9% which is so close to 100% that the difference is moot as far as all practical concerns go.
Yes, Sonny, you're right. I don't really believe there's a chance in hell that there's a God. I prefer to reserve a sliver of a doubt, for the reasons stated.
You can't prove the existence of God either way. I am a free thinker so I tend to leave at least 3 braincells open to the idea that anything is possible. It would take God himself coming down and turning me into a toad or something along that lines. If I am wrong and he does excist, then I am sure that I wouldn't worship him either, he is definatly not a loving God in my eyes.
I am of a similar mindset. The other day a friend tried to tell me I couldn't be an atheist because if a God were to appear to me I would have to believe. I replied that history and evidence are so overwhelmingly against that ever happening that I wasn't concerned- and wouldn't worship it anyway.
99.5. Mostly because I like that number. In other words, I'm not 100%. But that 0.5 is not really relevant, so I behave 100% as if there were no god.
All the sureness I am capable of manifesting.
Yes 100%
Yes 100%
I want to thank everyone for their thoughts on this discussion. I want everyone to know that I have no doubts about my atheism but I reserve that small possibility(about .0000001%) that some scientific proof might come along in the future that would change my mind. Not the kind of proof that those crazy "flat earthers" put forth, but actual real proof. Like god coming down and telling me I was wrong. Even then I would talk to a therapist to check that I was still sane before I trusted myself.




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