Is Everyone in the world scared to embrace Athiestium as the real cold hard truth?

I honestly think that religious and spiritual people are scared to embrace this idea because they think they will go to hell or simply be disowned by family. i think these 2 facts are the driving force in keeping them this way. I mind as well tell you a story and why i seriously think these 2 facts are what keeping everyone in believing fairy tales. A family member (not in my immediate family) died of a brain aneurysm in her sleep, we weren't really close and we didn't talk to one another much, she was a very good person and a very positive one. i find out I'm going to a funeral in a week. This really tested me, made me almost believe in the BuyBull again. so skip to the funeral. She being catholic her parents bring  in a pastor. All i could think of in my head the entire time was i could be looking at a pastor that believes EVERYTHING in the bible and is a good person OR i could be staring at a child-rapist or some other disgusting affiliation. i just stared at him while he talked, studying his body language. After he was done, church music started playing and everyone was crying and i was stoic looking around and trying not to cry. This also battled my best friend's faith who is also in my family, but i would rather not bring up anything he said out of respect. I took it all in and almost for a moment i gave in but fought it. i kept reminding myself "Don't let your emotions get in the way of the truth". it was hard because everyone around me was talking about heaven. i didn't add to the subject. on my way back i was proud of myself for sticking to my guns and not letting the BuyBull back into my mind as "truth"

I've learned a lot over these 8 months. Don't let emotions dictate the truth no matter how cold the truth is.

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I'm different than you.  I don't find most truths to be cold.  I love truth.  I find truth interesting, enlightening, and liberating.

i agree with you sorry for being so negative, it was a tough time.for me it can be both. Some truths are cold because of the reality surrounding it can be a lot to swallow and others Eye-opening and can leave a nice feeling after learning it.

I came out as atheist to a non religious friend last night and he looked puzzeled for a minute and then said, "well, there had better be something else after we die or I'm really going to be pissed off."

It's funny you say that because i said something along those lines 2 years ago before i became athiest.

The christian idea of heaven is enough to make me want no part of it.
An eternity of worshipping a supreme being who insist they are infallible when they made a bullshit plan, revolving around themselves, from day one?
No thanks.

I like the idea but too bad it's self-deluded lies.

The thought of eternal life is horrifying. That's probably where religion screwed the pooch in the biggest way. Imagine living as the same person (or soul or whatever) for a time span that makes your entire existence on earth look infinitesimally short. Now imagine that times ten billion, and you still aren't even close to how long you will have to endure yourself in the hereafter. It's fucking eternity! Eventually the only thing you could possibly desire is to stop existing. The only just reward for living a life of virtue would be to be given the opportunity to come back and do it again as a different consciousness - but that ain't what heaven is supposed to be. Heaven is a severely overcrowded insane asylum.

well when you put it that way. it does sound horrifying.

Good reply Future.

...overcrowded insane asylum.  

You need to make that into a bumper sticker.  I'll buy one and proudly display.




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