One of the things that has been on my mind... I'm sure this has been examined by some atheists somewhere, but I haven't run into it (I don't do much reading).  It's just a bit more explicit in my mind than it used to be.  
Once you start to realize how big and complex the universe is, in my view, this provides an argument (inductive?) against any possibility of a god that is all-powerful (one which controls every quark/molecule/etc., at all times, in all ways) .  As for a non-all-powerful God, I suppose some might say that still fits their hypothesis.

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I will say definitely not the god of the Abrahamic  (Jew, Christian, Islam) religions. I still have some quibbles with atheists who say they like Jesus and yet they don't know many of his supposed sayings that are also ascribed to him in the NT. I have also read things about the Hindu religion, I both like and laugh about one of their gods the elephant headed on named Ganesha. During my junior high learning days, I had a great liking of Odin, he hung from a tree for 9 days, and his wife Frigg. That learning also said that they were the parents of all the current gods.

So all of my observation and learning has caused me to concur with Mark Twain and his saying of:

If there is a god he is a malign thug.

The Jesus that I liked was the cherry picked Jesus of the New Pesterment.  Testament. That was during my church days when I was not aware that he was cherry picked indeed. The real Jesus (if there was one) believed in talking snakes, killing certain people, and said he came for the Jews and would not change one bit of the OT law. Then we have those childhood writings about him where he killed enemies and even made birds out of mud that came alive and flew away. 

Believers think it strange that I have trouble dealing with all of this because they "know their Jesus." Imagine for one moment that you have writings of these things concerning Julius Caesar or Abraham Lincoln. Would you believe them? Nothing this bizarre was said of either of these men and it was claimed that Caesar was also a god.

The fact remains that when the god of heaven (the Abrahamic god) decided to reveal himself to mankind the proof came from the writings of Bronze Age sheep and goat herders. I shake and quake at the profound revelation as if it came from the hammer of Thor himself.



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