In the past three years, Google has gone from processing 100 million searches per day to over 200 million searches per day. And get this: only one-third come from inside the U.S. The rest are in 88 other languages. ''The rate of the adoption of the Internet in all its forms is increasing, not decreasing,'' says Eric Schmidt, Google's C.E.O.


Think about it:

Google knows everything about me, what I search on the web, where I live, my habits, my mails, details, it even has a picture of mine. I know we trust Google, but history has shown us that all big companies, no matter how ethical they are cannot be relied upon and strive towards achieving monopoly over the minds and thoughts of people.


Is this any different than what religion does in using God?

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I've heard stories about particular web sites being assigned to "Google hell". That's when the search engine can't find you amongst millions of other like URLs. (Smith's plumbing, Joe's auto parts ect.) I have never experienced this though. You just need to have distinctive names for your web sites. If Google was a God wouldn't she/he be requiring more clergy? Google is actually an improvement over the Tower of Babel. It is coherent. It is not all powerful, all knowing or everlasting due to the fact that it is confined to one blue dot in an ocean of galaxies.



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