We all love Nexus and are excited about its potential.

But, do you think it would be fair if YOU were singled out and asked to fork out $320 of your own money to promote it?

I'm happy to contribute $50 here and there, but geez, $320 is a lot of money!

I couldn't afford that and, I bet, neither could you.

But, at the moment, that's the debt Brother Richard will be left with after his trip to Washington to represent us at the Heads of Non-Theist Organizations Meeting.

Is that really fair? Richard also works really hard for us, with little to no financial return and yet, out of a membership of nearly 6,000 people, there has been only 16 contributors towards the Washington Conference.

I don't know Richard's financial situation, but I know he has a family to support, and, in these times, $320 is a big whack out of anybody's budget.

Come on guys, let's show our appreciation for Nexus and the behind-the-scenes work that Richard does and push this baby over the line.

Even $10 contributions will help if enough people 'chip in'.

Thank you so much to the 16 contributors who have already taken some of the burden off of Richard and his family.

Can we get a little more help please?

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Thank you Kristy, I totally agree!
But, do you think it would be fair if YOU were singled out and asked to fork out $320 of your own money to promote it?

I think a straightforward request is appropriate, explaining the purpose of what is going on and what the money is for. Wording it as you did seems, to me, a bit unpleasant.
A straightforward request with full details has been made by Brother Richard on the main page and has been there for some weeks for everyone to read.

A 'Chip In' widget is also on every page underneath the "Support Us" banner with a 'click for details' option. It did not occur to me that anyone who visits the site might be unaware that fundraising was underway for Richard to attend the Non-theist Organizations Leaders Conference in Washington.

I'm sorry, Jerry, if my post seemed 'unpleasant' to you, that was certainly not my intent.

Richard took a 'leap of faith' in pre-paying for this important event because it will be a great stepping-stone for Atheist Nexus. He took that 'leap of faith' believing he could rely on the goodwill of the members to offset the cost through donations. It didn't seem a great deal to ask of 6000 members to get together $900 to help cover the costs.

I simply think it's unfair for him to be left out of pocket.

I have no interest in this other than as an ordinary member of AN. Perhaps I have an over-developed sense of justice.

I'm sorry if my post is offensive to anyone. I just wanted people to think about how they would feel if they were in Richard's shoes.

We are all very quick to complain about injustices against atheists and it seems to me that when someone is working their butt off to do something about it on our behalf, the very least we can do is kick in a few bucks to help. If that offends anyone, I'm sorry, but that's just how I feel.

Whatever you think about me, or the way I may have phrased this request, I trust you won't hold it against Richard and 'chip in' whatever you can afford.
No big issue with me, Kristy, I guess the wording just got me a tad irked. But I think it's great what Richard is doing and he should be supported. I encourage others to kick in.
I think it does take a while. Thanks for your contribution Sarah! :-)
It hasn't updated on Nexus, but if you click 'more details' it shows an updated amount of $624 and 18 contributions.
Sarah: I've noticed that the numbers don't update for a long time after you contribute as well. However, when I closed my browser and deleted my internet temp files, then re-entered AN, it has always shown updated info then.

Krusty: You are an AN champion! I'm so glad we have you on AN and I totally agree with your thoughts on AN donations. --And I love your new monicker! ;o)
Gee thanks Jude - who wouldn't just love being called Krusty. :-(

Of course, that's the kind of sweet, thoughtful, moniker one might expect to be assigned by Felch!
The chip-in button doesn't work for me; I keep getting PayPal errors.
Thanks for trying, Jen! I'll let Brother Richard know.
I donated via the Big Green "Donate Online" button before I read far enough. Oops!
No oops at all Eve! The fundraising for Richard's trip to Washington has finished, but it's still important to donate funds to keep the site operating. You donation will be greatly appreciated and wisely used. Thank you!

BTW, according to Brother Richard, The Washington meeting was a huge success, resulting in several new 'high profile' members for Atheist Nexus, better networking between AN and America's major nontheist organisations and more (which Richard will tell us about in the next AN Newsletter).




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