We all love Nexus and are excited about its potential.

But, do you think it would be fair if YOU were singled out and asked to fork out $320 of your own money to promote it?

I'm happy to contribute $50 here and there, but geez, $320 is a lot of money!

I couldn't afford that and, I bet, neither could you.

But, at the moment, that's the debt Brother Richard will be left with after his trip to Washington to represent us at the Heads of Non-Theist Organizations Meeting.

Is that really fair? Richard also works really hard for us, with little to no financial return and yet, out of a membership of nearly 6,000 people, there has been only 16 contributors towards the Washington Conference.

I don't know Richard's financial situation, but I know he has a family to support, and, in these times, $320 is a big whack out of anybody's budget.

Come on guys, let's show our appreciation for Nexus and the behind-the-scenes work that Richard does and push this baby over the line.

Even $10 contributions will help if enough people 'chip in'.

Thank you so much to the 16 contributors who have already taken some of the burden off of Richard and his family.

Can we get a little more help please?

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Good! Thanks for the update Kristy. At some point, I'd be curious to know if the site is self-supporting, or what a reasonable donation would be per individual donor. I've run a few small organizations out of my pocket, and can only imagine what it would be like to keep Atheist Nexus going.
I went to donate via the chip in button, and it said that this event has ended and it wouldn't allow me donate. Donations post-poned?
Donations are never postponed! Just use the big green button on your RIGHT instead. The money all goes to the same source - our hardworking Brother Richard.

Thanks for your support!




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