Why is it we can't seem to watch anything on tv anymore without gawd/jeezuzz/church/faith/praying, etc., being mentioned in almost everything? Even the game shows have something about it without fail several times a week, & nearly every other show has it somewhere along the line, including the news & commercials!

Religions have their own channels so why does it have to be on every other channel as well? If this is a free country, why do I feel we're surrounded by religious dictatorship?

''They'' spend all that money on their fancy or ornate ritzy buildings to do their worshipping, not mentioning people are still starving, so why can't that nonsense be kept in that specific building rather than in the public sector?

I remember a time when we could go for months on end, including conversations with friends, family, & acquaintances, & the religious subject was never ever mentioned. It wasn't necessaray to normal conversation.....or tv programs.

Frankly I'm ruddy sick of it at every turn these days, & I think a lot more minding one's own business would go a long way to keeping things calm. The door knocking to spout off the religious bs is very invasive......which is why I have a sign posted on our door so we don't have to waste our time answering to people we'll slam the door on anyway, so of course we're the ''evil'' ones! At our age, we'd like to have our retirement in peace & not have other's belief systems shoved in our faces.

I'm not well educated, but I'm not buying any of that nonsense, so why bother?

We also watch less, & less tv as well, but not all of us are physically capable of being out & about all the time.


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You're watching the wrong channels. The limited amount of time I spend watching TV is usually dedicated to shows and channels that are pretty much religion free zones. My recommendation...stay away from Fox News.
I've been pretty safe watching Spongebob...

My local newspaper is a joke through, as is my school and community. I can't go a day without hearing real religious babble from real people. And it seems like more and more religious nuts are making the news.
It's funny because they'd jump on the chance to report "Atheist Scum Eats Baby" but apparently that never actually happens!! Whereas "Minister Caught in Sex Scandal" is what we can expect to wake up to every morning...
I don't think they'll ever ex-communicate me, and I haven't been active for years... My mom is still quite passionate about forcing me to be Mormon, I wonder how she's react.
So they do that whole "we shun you 'cause we love you" thing too? Thought that was a Jehovah's Witness thing.
This was in Canada, right (You said somewhere that you're Canadian)? How long ago? That's insane! Are you talking about the President of the Mormon Church of the City you were in? I apologize for bombarding you with questions. I'm not familiar with Mormons besides knowing that the share some similarities with Jehovah's Witnesses. What happens when someone is excommunicated? That's some crazy crap.
Drop on the deck and flop like a fish!
I do OK watching CSI and the like...anything with autopsies is usually safe.
House is an Atheist that takes jabs at the believers all the time. Bones is also an Atheist that questions belief systems and general woo. About 30% of the time the History channel is good - the rest of the time it's swill. Dexter is far away from religion - the protagonist is a serial killer.
Truly we are in the End of Days.
Well, it sucks to be us, but that's just the market at play, IMO. Most people are religious, so it's only natural that a business wishing to attract a large audience would cater to that part of people's lives. I mean, how many blacks are there on TV?
"Why is it we can't seem to watch anything on tv anymore without gawd/jeezuzz/church/faith/praying, etc., being mentioned in almost everything?"

Can't say I've noticed. I live in Australia,where are you? I don't have cable ,but am very picky about what I watch:

Do not watch 'woo' shows such as Medium,Ghost Whisper,The Superatural. or the Buffy franchise,even though I've quite liked Allyson Hannigan ever since American Pie.

I like crime shows and good British thrillers/ dramas. EG: Bones,NCIS, Numbers, Silent Witness, Touch of Frost, Waking The Dead and Spooks (spies) Also the odd sci fi show such as Fringe (hated Heroes after the first series) Mostly I find the term "American comedy' an oxymoron,with 'Boston Legal' a notable exception. Last night was the last episode of a terrific British thriller, 'Burn Up. I like good British comedy based on literate wit and whimsy,with a sting in the tail.

I watch a lot of documentaries and movies on disc.



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