For various reasons I HATE the whole concept of religion. (yes I know, my therapist and I have alot to talk about)


One of the main reasons is the complete and total replacement of logical, scientific thought with that of self-proclaimed .......fuck- brain fart. (from too much vodka)


I want to set Glenn Beck on fire but my wife wont let me.

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People who claim they don't hate anything are usually in denial. And they at least hate the idea of hate.

Did you type this under the influence of vodka? (I won't lie. I've drunk-typed a few times.)
because I love vodka...and I am in rare form today. Its been a tough week and since I am the boss at my work, I can do whatever the fuck i want. Including a 3 martini lunch.
but thanks for your input anyway, sister. Hail Science!
Lucky bastard! I wish I was the boss of someone!
Yes. But like Marilyn Manson sings, I hate the haters.
I support you being as critical of religion as you desire, but HATE? Seems a bit exhausting to keep up a level of emotion like HATE. Hate is usually reserved for short bursts and you'd wear yourself out hating all religions and all the religious people on this planet. Conserve your strength!

I side with your sensible wife: Setting Glenn Beck on fire is a mental image you can revisit over and over... you would only make him a martyr. And be put in prison for the rest of your born days. Where you might be converted against your will to Islam. Stranger things have happened!!
This is one situation where you should not be listening to your wife.

Hehe...kidding...I think. Anyway, hate is a normal emotion, but of course its our most destructive one as well. I personally view the religious with sympathy. They, much like myself once, are the victims of deception. We can hate their ignorance, as we strive to take it from them.
Hatred isn't healthy but is hard to avoid,sadly,it's the only thing religion ever taught me,what it's like to be hated and how to hate in return.
"Good good let the hate flow ! " . I'm sorry I couldn't help myself:)
something something something Darkside. something something something, complete.
Do I hate religion? No.

Do I hate at all? Yes,there are two living people I hate.Each of them caused me great anguish through acts of immorality or indifference. I do not hate ideas,although there are many I fear.The idea of religion is not one of them.

Should we hate? There is no 'should' or 'should not' with emotions. They are involuntary responses for which we are not responsible. We ARE responsible for the way we act in dealing with our emotions. EG; it IS wrong to harm others through hatred.

Religious hatred,including atheistic hatred of religion itself can be evil when linked to action.
There is no 'should' or 'should not' with emotions. They are involuntary responses for which we are not responsible. We ARE responsible for the way we act in dealing with our emotions.

That's right on target. There are two types of impulses in the brain and, without them, we would never act on anything: Instinct and emotion. They are very closely related. For example, need and desire, lust and eros, fear and insecurity, etc.

Our reasoning brain actually is more of a regulator of these impulses. It has ways of rating the merits of acting on our impulses. And it can help serve the efficacy of these impulses. So, it can present all the negative implications and potential consequences of setting Glenn Beck on fire and weigh them against the potential positive outcomes associated with such an act. It can also be used to devise scenarios that either mitigate the negative consequences or augment the positive ones - and then work out the details of a plan to achieve the best result.

Should we act on hate? No. Do we? All the time.


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