Is it “Once a Catholic Always a Catholic?” No, it’s “Once a Catholic Always Helpless.”

It was “Once a priest, always a priest” 75 years ago when I was a kid in a Catholic school. In college I became an apostate (in the OED a “runaway slave”) and soon realized that Catholicism had had almost two thousand years to learn how to manipulate its victims.

“Once a Catholic, always a priest” didn’t take long to become “Once a Catholic always a Catholic”; I’ve heard it from several present-day victims of that religion’s abuse who are almost my age. One of them has tried several times to escape, trying A Course in Miracles, Mindfulness, and even atheism briefly before ha went back to the plantation.

What say you?

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Once you see how the system works, and how they want you to generate energy, time and money for them without receiving anything but empty words in return, you can only leave, knowing that you were a slave.




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