Is it possible for an atheist to believe in an after-life?

I know this is a dumb question but its bugging me. As an atheist from the age of 9 I was always a little envious of religious people as they had the hope (no matter how illogical) of an after-life. All I had to look forward to as an atheist was being worm food. Last week-end after quite a few rum and cokes I came up with an idea how an atheist could legitimately have the hope of an afterlife. It is based on the theory of the Big Bang. This theory explains how the universe was created but cannot explain how the original expansion of the universe occurred from nothing. I had the idea that it did not  occur from nothing but in fact occurred from the expansion of a previously contracted universe. The theory is that the universe expands out from its state of maximum contraction until it reaches its maximum expansion and then contracts back. This process is infinite as energy cannot be created or destroyed but merely changed from one form to another. If this process is indeed infinite then at some point I will exist again (and again) in another universe under slightly differing circumstances each time.

I created a webpage which explains the idea better and would appreciate it if people could take a look and criticize the logic. The page is

Please just take a minute to look and let me know if it makes sense or if I have totally lost the plot.



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Even if there are infinite universes, there's no guarantee that there would be infinite "yous".  There are an infinite amount of real numbers between 0 and 1, but none of them are 2.

I would say NO

I see no reason to believe there is an afterlife, except when my body, mind, and consciousness stop getting an electrical current, and my organs begin to decompose, nothing is lost in the process. Everything changes from material to atoms and because the brain's electrical current ends, all that is stored in memory and consciousness dissolves into ... whatever. Change is the only constant.

I/you/we began from nothing and return to nothing. When our star blows up, spewing its guts across the universe, you and I will be spewed with it. No consciousness remains to take note of the new change.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me

Joan, I read recently that Andromeda and our Milky Way will cross trails about two billion years before our star explodes and cooks any offspring we might leave.

It was in an article about an astronomer who's using supercomputers to model what might happen. I didn't save a link to it.

 The oceans will boil in about a billion years.  The Andromeda will collide with the Milky Way in about 4 billion years.  But the collision isn't expected to harm the solar system. 

I never understood the need for an afterlife. All of my problems have been with living; I'll have no problems when I'm dead.




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