Is it strange for Canadians to display a confederate flag?

I work with a girl who has one on her pickup truck, and I have seen it several other places living in Canada's bible belt, I'm just wondering what the deal is...
I know it's also a symbol of southern pride, but I'm pretty sure she's not from the south, or even been to America.

So I suppose I'm just wondering if she's a bigot or not, I also happen to know she's not a very nice person, so it would not surprise me to find out she was.

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Oh, seriously.... some Australians fly the Stars and Bars?

I've seen it a little too often too - and yes I think it screams BIGOT. or "Redneck Pride"
So yeah I do think it's weird - messed up.
Also there is a certain type of person who just revels in being offensive and will fly such a symbol to provoke a response b/c they know it's offensive - though they likely haven't bothered to learn the history.
Some people who call themsleves red-necks have no-clue of it's history they just think it's cool and funny to be jack-asses.
"If I shook my head every time something retarded happened, I'd break my neck."
>>>That's brilliant Glen!
Well, except the Nazis stole the swastika from India, where it has had religious and cultural significance not specifically associated with murderous thuggery for thousands of years. It is still used in Asia to represent luck, stability, etc.

The Confederate flag is much more specific. Flying it is pretty much just a convenient way to tell the world, "I am an ignoranus."
This image is of a Native American basketball team, and was taken in 1909. The Swastika has traditionally been used in many cultures, including Dine and Hopi. It was used in ancient Greece and Rome, as well as all over Europe until the Nazis commandeered it. They did so because it was already a popular symbol.

It was even used as a good luck symbol in mainstream US culture.
You're right. I live in Columbia, the capital of South Carolina. On our statehouse grounds flies the Confederate flag. It is not on top (as it was years ago), but it is in front of a Confederate monument. Right behind this monument (but closer to the statehouse) is a monument to the African-American monument, that displays the injustices of slavery and the immense contributions of African Americans. African Americans and the Confederacy are immense parts of South Carolina's history. We cannot deny that.

That said, I cannot understand why a Canadian would fly this flag except to display their racism and ignorance. The flag can be a relic of history which teaches us of our past mistakes just as easily as it can be a symbol of bigotry.
My Indian friends have swastikas in their apartments. I asked them if they knew anything about the European meaning of it, and they didn't, I told them it was used in a war but I felt like a jerk to tell them "hey, someone stole your symbol for their political movement where they killed millions of people".

Being that it originally was an Indian symbol, I've gotten to feel differently about it and would like to see it associated more with its original context. It isn't their fault someone stole it and used it for evil. This is coming from someone who definitely lost ancestors in the Holocaust.

Some Southern people I know are not into white supremacy at all but they have some explanation for why it is not a racist symbol. I think it basically boils down to the civil war not being black and white, one side being 100% good and the other side 100% evil. Some people definitely do use it as a racist symbol, but not all.
It wasn't stolen, it was already a symbol historically used in many cultures around the world. It may have originated in India eons ago and spread with humans as they migrated and traded.
What is with the pit bulls? We moved back to IL in 2005 and they are the dog of the proudly white bigots. Of course I don't blame the dog, but come on with the stereo types. Yes, some pit bull owners are not like that... both of them are cool.
By some definitions, I'm "white trash". I've lived in a trailer, used foodstamps, am missing teeth, enjoy country music, etc...

As you can tell, I'm not fond of the term.
Most people these days think the confederate flag means "rebel".
They typically fly the flag because they think it's the "cool rebel thing to do".

... so axe their opinion of the flag next time you see them by saying "I didn't know you were racist".
Johnsky: I don't know anyone who flies one for that reason. And I know a LOT of people who fly them.
Some people really are that ignorant, and do fly the Stars and Bars because they are "rebels".




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