Is it strange for Canadians to display a confederate flag?

I work with a girl who has one on her pickup truck, and I have seen it several other places living in Canada's bible belt, I'm just wondering what the deal is...
I know it's also a symbol of southern pride, but I'm pretty sure she's not from the south, or even been to America.

So I suppose I'm just wondering if she's a bigot or not, I also happen to know she's not a very nice person, so it would not surprise me to find out she was.

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Hmm this is a conundrum...I really don't want to stir up trouble with her as we work together..maybe I'll just ask her what she thinks of Obama lol

I thank you all for your input, it gave me lots to contemplate.
Look.... I live in the south. My dad flies the confederate flag, and a bunch of other people do to. And you know what? They are all racist bastard's with no sense of history or knowledge about the civil war. Anyone who sais it is for "southern pride" means "I'm a racist ass." ^_^
Lynard Skynard were being sarcastic. They and Neil Young were friends.
Click on the link John. I wasn't being sarcastic when I posted my previous comment.

Listen a wee bit closer to the lyrics. Remember George Wallace?

"In Birmingham, they love the governor (boo boo boo)"

George Wallace was a confirmed racist until late in his life. Lynard Skynard were not fond of him.

More about the song.
Then they need a new symbol. Here in Louisiana I got my ASS kicked by african-american students on the bus in elementary thanks to my ignorant father. The confederate flag should not be flown - period. To me it is like someone keeping there grandfathers KKK uniform and expecting that to be seen as something other than adherence to a racist philosophy (and yes I know some folks...).
Before getting too down on your friend, consider her age and personality. It may be that her display of the Confederate Flag is in fact a public declaration of a rebellious character. This is certainly not unusual, especially for a teenager or twenty-something. Think about the Americans who wear Che Guevera t-shirts. I suspect that most of them don't know anything about him other than that he's was an attractive rebellious young man. Wearing a Che t-shirt should does not mean that one supports Castro over Batista.

I believe it takes more than a Confederate Flag to make a bigot.

"And it takes more than a pointy white hat to make a Klan member. However, wearing one (or showing the confederate flag) can point towards certain directions."

True, either might be an indication. It is a matter of degree.
Wearing a KKK hood is rather unambiguous whereas having a Confederate Flag decal might just mean the wearer is a fan of an Alabama NASCAR team. The two displays are not the same.

There is also a matter of venue. It seems to me that sporting a Confederate Flag in Canada is less offensive than doing the same in Detroit.

dunno but I heard a guy on democracy now go off on that leader up there in Canada land:
heaaaavy, totally educational stats that man has.




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