Hope and Change my ass, right?
  With the most recent news on Obama's concession to republican demands [its political terrorism if you ask me] I ask you this; Is it time to simply stop hoping?  The Right[wrong] are only emboldened, and I can't stand to listen to the idiocy of their reasoning when perpetrating their agenda.  I'm getting sick of it, and it seems like Obama's losing his balls~ don't get me wrong, I understand he's in a tough spot, but shit, there's got to be a better way to go about this.  Your thoughts?

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I agree.

Maybe Hillary is a bitch, maybe she would have faced more obstruction, maybe the Republicans would have hated her more. She wouldn't have capitulated this much. She wouldn't have ceded this much ground for no gains.

The worst part of all of this is that Hillary, Palin, and McCain were right. He has no experience in leading and it shows.

He's going to have to do something seriously good in the next two years to stop me from writing in "Poopsmith" on my ballot in 2012.
The odd thing is that it looks like the Democrats in Congress are getting just as fed up with Obama as we are. Just look at the leadership's reaction to this latest capitulation. They're going to fight it. I just wish I knew where their spines have been for the past two years.

They're suffering because the man in the White House didn't use his power of the pulpit to pressure the Republicans to do anything. I'm going back over the past two years to see if there was ever an instance where the Republicans were forced to cede more than the Democrats to pass a piece of legislation. So far, no dice.

He's still talking down to his supporters to work with people who've stated clearly that their primary legislative goal is to see his presidency fail.
More like total incompetence.

I'm still waiting for him to lead on anything. Anything at all. Just pick something. I don't care anymore. He just needs to prove that he matters, for fuck's sake.
He's still talking down to his supporters to work with people who've stated clearly that their primary legislative goal is to see his presidency fail.

This is exactly how I feel. Don't bother catering to people who are determined to hate you...ironically, his presidency is failing due to catering to people whose goal is to see him fail!

Conservatives sure didn't give a flying fuck about what the majority of the country thought. Most people are smart enough to realize there is no point compromising with someone who won't move an inch. He's not bipartisan; he's a sellout.

Some have said he was outnumbered, but he could have at least drawn more attention to the fact that the top 1% of income has had their taxes cut in half, and made more people outraged. With a 2 year extension, they'll probably be here forever, because Obama won't be reelected. Again, partly due to pissing his own supporters off by allowing it.

My only, incredibly dim hope is that this will make republicans look like such giant assholes that they'll lose popularity...

The conservatives hate anybody who isn't a conservative.  They will not cooperate with anyone except one of their own.  They don't care about America--certainly they don't care about the principles on which it was founded.  They care only about power and wealth.  They have their own media empire making up stories, leading the cheers, and pounding home the propaganda in shorter and shorter sound bytes for their knuckle dragging supporters.  I am disappointed in Obama, but I'm also disappointed with the Blue Dog Democrats who stood in his way.  A unified democratic party should have simply tried to roll back all the changes the Bushies made.  The GOP is unified.  I don't know if they get their marching orders from the RNC or Rupert Murdoch, but they are marching in step.  Obama and his party have squandered their turn in power, and they may not get another.  Still, if he is the nominee next time around, I will vote for him and work for his campaign because either a Democrat or a Republican will win, and the Republicans will roll back the New Deal if they can.


As Sinclair Lewis once wrote, "When Fascism comes to America, it will be carrying a cross and wrapped in the flag."

From the campaign rhetoric I thought Obama would be the next FDR. Instead he's a Bush Light. Get used to it. We will get conned everytime without a viable Socialist party.
You give him too much credit. Even Bush got things done. Granted, they were things nobody wanted but they got done.
Some have said that he is a trojan horse for conservatism.

I'm not sure whether he is caving or is deceiving us by pretending to cave, but in either case, we must mount a serious primary against him.
I stopped hoping for change when healthcare became a botched procedure as a givaway to insurance companies. That didn't stop me from being shocked when the environmental cause was landslided. This recent madness is only more proof to me that he is not a progressive, and is in fact conservative.

I started reading Jane Hamsher's progressive site FireDogLake and she has a lot of great points about Obama and also the other Dems. She's been making the point that perhaps they are not caving so much as they are being bought out and following their own interests (pun intended). Everyone seems so darn concerned with re-election that they are career politicians. Everyone plays it cautious, tries to get re-elected first before making any changes. This is so outrageous, but so true.

The truth is that he stopped talking about progressive values the minute he won the primary. Progressives didn't flinch because we knew he was trying to win over the independents to get elected, and once that happened he would fight for "his" ideals. But when he got elected he stopped emailing all of the grassroots people who helped him achieve this victory. He started catering to the republicans and caucusing with them more than with dems or progressives.

The progressive sites have me convinced that the Dems have become just as much a part of the machine as the Republicans. Washington has changed since the days of FDR when there were only a handful of lobbyists pulling their strings. I used to loyally vote Dem for years, but ever since the healthcare issue, I feel betrayed.

The only trouble is, at this point I don't know who to trust. Some of the progressive websites spew such hatred at Obama (and accuse him of being a trojan horse for conservative values) that it makes me wonder if some of the members are just republicans pretending to be progressives and trying to get us to hate him.

But you are right that the fact remains that if he does believe in progressive values, he's doing a shitty job at going about it, and we really need to find someone who can run a good primary against him.
Seriously. Although I am against literal ass whooping of children, I am very much in favor of a figurative political ass whooping of republicans!
LOL! corrupt, money-hungry, hateful, elitist, power-hungry, two-faced, hypocritical thieves.

Exactly, W was able to push through his (unconscionable) agenda with less of a majority than we currently have. And being only elected by the supreme court and not the people. What kind of a mandate does Obama need? What, he needs to be fillibuster proof now? I'm sorry Obama, you can't have everything you want. He showed no leadership on tough issues. It's one thing if it really was the Republicans blocking everything, but he never came out and said anything publicly to shame them into capitulating. He simply played along which means he either is misguided or he's not on our side to begin with.

I think he thought the progressives would stick with him no matter what and he keeps trying to "woo" more independents and repubs. But he doesn't need to! Which goes back to why I think he may have changed his politics once he got in the oval office. He became the establishment so no need to rail against it anymore.
I don't remember primaries being run against the current president.




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