That when a child dies before it is baptised or accepts Jesus, its soul burns in hell for eternity?

That burning in eternal agony is just punishment for undressing a stranger with your mind?

That atheists really know there is a god; they just love their sin so much they refuse to "accept it"?

That because god allowed a natural disaster to occur, taking the lives of thousands, doesn't mean he's responsible for it?

That questioning your religion is bad but questioning science well beyond the point of ad nauseum is good?

That the bible (god's word) is a better judge of reality than REALITY ITSELF (GOD'S CREATION)?

That god sends people to hell because he's "jelous" of people having other religions?

That human acts of evil are wrong, but god's acts of evil are good, such as killing the first born of every Egyption or drowning every person on the planet?

That this life is basicly pointless compared to dying and finally getting into heaven, but atheists shouldn't cry when our parents die because WE'RE the ones who think life is pointless?

That life has no meaning without a loving god, who only appears to be loving 50% of the time?

That it's okay for priests to molest children because they've accepted Jesus into their life?

That accepting Jesus is ALL you have to do to get saved? REALLY?

I mean, do they REALLY believe this shit? Are they just in denial? Do they block it out? Why does it not bother them? I'd love to hear from people who have had the Christian experiance. Even when I was a Christian I didn't believe... well, most of what's in the Bible, actually. I guess I wasn't a very good one.

If any of my questions seem strange it's probably because I just got back from commenting on Ray Comfort's blog. It's like Bizaaro World over there. X_X

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Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
That's the frightening thing about Comfort's flock. They're like a crowd of people dividing by zero on their calculators and claiming the "ERROR" proves that math is a fantasy while patting each other on the back in congradulations of how smart they are.
Never underestimate the power of human brainwashing.
Agreed. Only brainwashing can produce the kind of people who, when shown a horse, will insist to their death that it is a cow.
I mean, do they REALLY believe this shit?

Of course not. Some do. Many would believe only a few items from your list. I'd bet most didn't ever ponder these questions. There are several Roman Catholics in my family - a dozen or so - and all but one (there's always a bigot in every big enough family) would reject the list entirely.

Never underestimate the power of human diversity.
I don't know.. I like to think the ONLY TRUE XIANS are thoes idiots from Westbrook Baptist, who remind us periodically what god HATES... ;)
Ooh, let me take a stab at these as a former fundagelical!
1 - Different beliefs in different faiths (limbo, etc.)
2 - Either yes, or "All have sinned and fallen short" meaning we're BORN deserving hell (so undressing the stranger with your eyes is just adding insult to injury for your list of crimes)
3 - Yes. They love sin and they are "rejecting" god
4 - Unless he IS responsible and the natural disaster is punishment for gays/liberals/feminists
5 - YES!
6 - Uh-huh
7 - Absolutely. It's their own fault for being born into another hereditary religion, after all.
8 - end Yes, except the priests thing. Non-Catholics use that as proof that Catholics aren't True Christians
Out of all of them, the last one bothers me most. It seems to be saying that all you need to do in this life is believe in Jesus and you'll be rewarded in the afterlife. I actually heard one Christian say that what makes other religions untrue is the requirement of works, such as Jews doing charitable works as a form of reptence. What's wrong with the idea of charitable works?

To me it seems as if there's absoultely no incentive for people who believe that to live decent lives or be charitable to others, unless I'm interpreting them wrong, which I may be.

I'm thinking of starting a thread for people to talk about their experiances as Christians. The more I reflect on what Christianity means to other people the more I start to wonder if I ever was a Christian to begin with. I did believe in God. I can't remember if I believed in Jesus. I certainly didn't believe in 90% of what was in the Bible. It's very confusing.
From my experience, they will believe those things, until you point out how ridiculous they are... which point they'll agree with you, until you leave.

Then they'll convince themselves that you were sent to them by god to test their faith, they'll stop thinking about how ridiculous their beliefs are, and do what their priest says... beg forgiveness and blindly believe again.
What Xtians believe amounts to a stunning array of incredible bullshit! We'd all be here day and night for a week if we tried to list a the idiocy that Xtians believe.




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