Is it worth leaving the country for religious tolerance?

So I live in the good ol' buy bull belt and I am persecuted for my nonbelief. My entire family will disown me if I told them I was an atheist, I have to lie to get their respect. My family hasn't picked up a buy bull in years, but they say believing is good enough. Christianity is making me suicidal because all the immorality in the buy bull. Check out my question on yahoo answers: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20160523052632AAeDAey

Anyway, is it worth leaving the country (U.S.A) for this. What are some cheap, English-Speaking, religiously tolerant countries? It's going to be a while before I can do this. How much does it usually cost?

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While Ted Cruz was running for prez, I seriously thought about moving to another country if he won. It's less a matter of how much it costs and more a matter of finding a job so you could support yourself in another country. I've lived abroad for four years in the past and made a living by teaching English. It's a good way to get by in lots of places.

Sorry, but somehow I'm missing the link between the immorality in the Bible and your feeling suicidal. Who cares what bullshit's in some book? You said your family doesn't take it [the Bible] that seriously as long as you pretend you're dumb enough to think your ass is saved by Jesus, so I don't see any connection between biblical bullshit and you. There are all sorts of atrocious things in all sorts of books; do they bother you? The Bible shouldn't either.

Hey, you need a holiday or get a break by moving to another country, say Sweden would be nice.  :D

Or you could move here in Victoria Australia, where atheist appears to be the norm.

You never hear of Christianity vs Atheists here, as this is a fully secular community, and such conflicts are almost unheard of.  

Only the Jehovah Witnesses proselytize as they think it is their calling, but they are few, and the rest of the religious community is relatively silent.

Even atheism doesn't appear to exist here, because there are no arguments for us to get involved in.

As Frank Zappa predicted, when a community becomes secular, atheism will disappear and everybody becomes just normal.

That is how it is here, everybody is just another normal human being, religious or non-religious beliefs are completely ignored.  

We even had an atheist Prime Minister, but nobody attacked her for her atheism, the only attack on her was for the deceptive means she grabbed power, by back stabbing the previous leader.

We all know that other past leaders were atheist, but nobody took any notice.

We care more about policies than the leaders personal beliefs.

So you'd be welcomed here, even if just for a break from being annoyed by religitards. 

I have a minimum wage job and only get about 10 hours a week. I just started a few weeks ago. I'm 21 this is the only job that I had that hasn't gave me the shaft because of downsizing. I did nothing wrong and didn't even mention my atheism. Teaching english might be a wonderful job once I get out of here. I have a whole list of words and definitions by category that I made. I study it every day.
I know somebody who taught English in South Korea. He thinks South Koreans revere Caucasians. We met in college. He grew up in Massachusettes. He got a degree in anthropology. He is a generic, non-ethnically marked white guy but he developed an interest in east asian cultures and last time I talked to him, he claimed to believe in a god.

It sucks that your family will disown you if you admit that you don't belive in their religion and you don't want to participte in it.

I was raised Jewish. My family was put off and felt bad when I told them I don't believe in the religion and I said I would not go to services or participte in the religion. But they never disowned me and they never wanted to quit talking to me, and they still relate with me as long as I don't discuss religion with them. But I didn't admit to them or myself that religion is bogus, until I was 26 and already living on my own.

I am a librarian, You should do a good amount of research before you pick a country to teach English in or work at any other job in. Make sure you will make enough money to live well enough, AFTER TAXES (also known as government extortion or theft), without living in a bad neighborhood, before you take any job. Also try to reassure your parents that they did not do anything wrong (no matter how terrible they might be), and that you are still a decent well behaved person and that you still want to relate well with them (it doesn't have to be true but say it anyway). Always be as polite as possible and over the phone, let your family go crazy and yell their rear ends off at you on the phone, until they feel better if helps them get over your quitting their religion, but make them have to match to you, do not match to their behavior or attitudes in case they are too hostile at you.
Only leave the country if you really like a certain country and if you are going to learn enough of the language and customs of your host country and if you find a job that pays enough. I would not leave the country for religious toleration - you can't predict how any given person will react to you, every country has good and bad people.

There are plenty of liberal, tolerant US cities. No need to leave the country.

I have an acquaintance who teaches English in London, he's really enjoying it there.  I don't think he has any plans to return to Australia.

You need to differentiate between family rejection and general tolerance.

No matter where you live, if your family is an overall intolerant group, than your experience wouldn't have been much different.

No matter where you go, you will have to live among, and get along with religious people. That's reality. Part of your feeling seems to be that you are upset by the Bible itself (not to mention the Koran), those books will exist anywhere. Your moving will not change anything... it's important to step outside that source of tension.

One more thought: It's not that easy to just move to another country. Many 'desirable' countries have immigration policies that are much more restrictive than the US (and more restrictive than Donald). It can be a years long project, assuming it can be done at all.

jay H is correct on immigrating to other countries. It's sometimes a lengthy process.

As for your Yahoo post I'm surprised that people there think you have all the Bible quotes taken out of context. How do you take something like bashing the little babies heads on the rocks to mean other than what it says? People are so dumb. Then I noticed that one person had the answer. This crap was all in the Old Pesterment and Jesus came to change all of that. The only problem here is that's not what Jesus said. He doesn't want to change one dot or tittle. So, the believer has the answer in his head now as ignoring everything in the Old and following Jesus who is in the New.

My best answer is to ignore all of it. Too many people go through life fairly well adjusted but they keep trying to fit god and Jesus into things. That's the big mistake. Good luck on finding a neutral place to live.




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