I live in the Bible Belt of North Carolina. There is a place called The Christian Family Book Store near me. I briefly had a girlfriend who worked there, so I visited several times. What I saw amazed me. In this weak economy, they had three cash registers with three lines of customers wrapped around the store all day, every day. The store sold Christian books, but also tons of "sanctified" household items. There were Jesus lamps, fish ashtrays, Jesus board games, and crosses painted on or attached to just about anything you can think of.

My point is, I could go to the Dollar Tree and fill my van with low budget items. By adding crosses, fish, or other Christian symbols to the items, I increase their value by ridiculous amounts. A three dollar hammer becomes a 18 dollar hammer. A five dollar broom becomes a 25 dollar broom. 

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hahaha Danny! good one!


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