Is Karma Coming To The White House With A Hammer?

If Citizen Donald J. Trump did a fraction of the fraud Michael Cohen alleged in the open hesring on February 27th, Trump’s running for president invited Karma to bring a hammer.

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Bert, what were you on when you posted that?

Karma is simply doing. I know what you mean here but karma has nothing to do with a secret revenge that "comes around" and sets things right. I wish it did.

The real irony is that Trump could very likely have gone right along with his little mob fiefdom and never been bothered ... but he HAD to run for president and, by a [pardon the term] quirk of fate, he got elected.  Now his entire business and political life is exposed to examination, analysis, and very likely, prosecution.  The orange jumpsuit on the orange nightmare is looking more likely by the day.

And all because Donnie Dumb-ass's ego ran away with him.

I fully agree and it gives me a smile. The bad thing is that with all the clamor going on it will most likely put this off until he leaves office. He knows this and may do his best to not leave office just as Bill Maher has said. 

The GOP will stand by him until the very last, then make weak apologies and come up with new plans claiming they are a changed party once he is gone. At this point they will continue working against the healthcare we all need and have the average citizen working with them against his own interests.

I think when his shit hits the fan he'll either initiate civil war or nuclear war. He's to much a coward to face the music.

Yes it appears that they may offer Trump a sealed indictment.
In that he will be indicted when he leaves the presidency unless he resigns.
Some believe Spiro Agnew possibly resigned due to having a sealed indictment leveled against him, where they agreed to drop charges if he quit his office.

They may do this to Trump, but it appears that both Donny Jnr and Ivanka will also have indictments against them, so yes, Trump may make a desperate move like start a nuke war with Russia or his lover, Kim Jong-un. 

He may TRY to pull a stunt like that, Ruth, but I'm dubious he'd get away with it.  Trump has already been stopped from making lesser stupid mistakes by his own staff, and it shouldn't surprise me that, if he were to go Industrial-Strength Dumb-ass, Donnie could find himself wrestled to the floor with both arms behind his back.

My suspicion is that the people working under him care more about this country than he does.

The other day I heard a Radiolab program about Major Harold Hering, who was yanked out of training as a nuclear missile crewman during the Cold War, and eventually forced to leave the Air Force, for daring to ask how an officer could be assured he was following a lawful, legitimate launch order from a sane president who wasn't imbalanced or berserk.

Nukes (Radiolab) - audio episode

His story was covered a few years earlier in Slate: An Unsung Hero of the Nuclear Age




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