I sure think he might be. He went to church steadily before he was elected, and I heard hasn't attended since(could be bullshit, I haven't checked back). He has also been a proponent for secularism, although this could just be his propensity for non-bias showing and not a statement of his beliefs.


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fanatical religion is a national security threat last I checked
oh yeah and deregulation of products that cause cancer;
oh yeah and the d'reg of banks during any repub/demo office since the dawn of U.S.A..
oh yeah and d'reg of faith through faith-baseheads : P

I see rip offs going out of style like the super tight 80's rock/sid vicious jeans that crush your testicles look...

hugh waahhh?
If you try and read out-loud my texts/posts/wannabe stand-up it's communication evolution of the utmost freakishness!
unregulated cigerettes, are in no way a threat to national security. They may be bad for america's over all health, but not security.
The thought that he might be a closet atheist first crossed my mind when I saw this speech.


But if he is a closet atheist, I'd rather see him in the White House than out of the White House because somebody "outed" him. He could not be re-elected as an out atheist.
I started to think Obama was an atheist when he didn't join America on "National prayer Day" I didn't even know the day existed until the theists made a big deal about Obama, but apparently he was the first president to not join since it started.
Weather or not he is actually atheist isn't really important, but it is nice to have a president that acknowledges the secular, instead of one that insists godless is un-American. I think he is going to be a great advancement for atheism as a whole. Especially if he does allot of good and is outed after his second term.

P.S. I got to stop reading the comments theist write about those videos, it just raises my blood pressure
He's a corporatist. Who cares what front he puts up; that's for the media to gobble.

Anyhew, what's wrong with using your first-year in office to put your enemies to work and tap their phones?
If I had POTUS+power what do you think I would do?
Yep, iSpy baby! Accountability omnipotence.

IF he does what I think he, they, we should allow...
we'll see more war in S.Central America. The disgusting deforestation and indigenous oppression is a throwback to the Spanish inquisition; racist as can be too.

The pot may be decriminalized (leading to better domestic relations between neighbors and cops; especially in Florida; mexico went further to allow small amounts of not so small drugs) for the synthetic drugs, child abuse and abuse towards women is connected to the latin/russian/dare I say steroid mobs that push them; pot is too weak a drug for the mind-control certain gangs hiding behind the cross/virgin mary and blackness of tint seek. Current TV's journalist covers mexico pretty good; not good situations there unless you live it day to day. Can't say I'd last long there being a gringo that never tried stuffing power up my nose.

As far as I can tell Obama is not stuffing chemicals or mind-control up my nose so...
everything else is green energy to me; that's the future; that's the money
I follow the money; turned off by mtyhs and racist ways; greed of low-iq scoring high-tech casino style bosses misleading workers, that too.

BIG PS:::::::
Argentina's president is a Palin stomper; she's my kind of gal;

F PAYPERVIEW SPORTS!!! America's problem is sports money laundering, crap croanies! You were lame in school and sure enough holding back fun for all; no wonder the stands are empty in FLorida

Agreed, the president of Argentina is freakin hot.
Personally I doubt he is an Atheist. But there is always hope. In regard to "He has also been a proponent for secularism" you have to remember he is a Constitutional scholar. Therefore, more likely to support the true spirit of the 1st Amendment.

Also you can be a Christian and support secularism. Barry Lynn is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and the Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.
Does anyone know of any politician that has had the gumption to come out and say they don't believe in God?

Let me rephrase that. Does anyone know of any politician that has had the gumption to come out and say they don't believe in God, and has been reelected? :)
In America, no. In Australia atheist politicians are commonplace and there is no issue with it. We have had at least two openly atheist PMs - Bob Hawke and Gough Whitlam (Gough wasn't re-elected, but it had nothing to do with his atheism). We also had an atheist Governor General who had to decline an invitation to be the official head of the Australian Scouting Movement because of his atheism. The head of the Australian Greens Party, Bob Brown, (the third most powerful party in Australia) is an atheist as are many of his party.
That's awesome, I wish it was like that here in America. But I think its going to be a while, since we are officially the most hate minority in America(http://atheism.about.com/od/atheistbigotryprejudice/a/AtheitsHated.htm).
Sadly, it does seem true that atheists are the most hated (misunderstood) minority.

However, it seems that atheists may have the lowest rate of divorce.


Also, it seems that hardly any of incarcerated criminals, are atheists!

And, further more, the vast majority of the Nobel Peace Prize winners....are/were, *gasp* atheists!





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