Is Obama Too Compromised By Investor or Corporate Money to Push Republicans To the Wall?

Are Congressional Democrats too compromised by money from the same sources?

If you follow the news you've heard what President Obama will propose in the SOTU address.

Unless the Republicans in Congress do an about face, Obama and the Democrats can hope for little more than to arm Democrats for the 2016 elections.

What do you want them to do?

What will they do?

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Tom, we are almost at the point where it doesn't matter too damn much what any of them do. I hate to say that but it looks that way to me.

And I hate to agree with that statement, but it's most likely correct.  I wonder if this system can still be saved and, if so, by what?  This SOTU speech will be political theater, and virtually none of the President's proposals will see the light of day in a Republican congress.  They aren't meant to -- it's a flag waving exercise.  It will be the jumping off point for the 2016 elections, and could be seen as a rebuke to the foregone Clinton conclusion as much as to the Republicans.

We progressives get it -- our next President will not be Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, nor will it be Rand Paul or Ted Cruze.  It will be some Wall Street beholden sycophant like Clinton or Romney, with very little to distinguish them from one another.  We probably won't reach a comprehensive agreement with Iran, and so our defining war machine will take over that debate,  We probably won't reign in banks to any significant degree, and so will remain economically subject to their whims.  We probably wont much change our attitude toward Israel, no matter what it does, or stop killing vaguely perceived enemies, and so will continue to rate the ire of much of the world.


Waiting for the Democrats to do something is like waiting for Godot while pushing a boulder up a mountain slope.

If our choices are

Want and get shafted


Want not and get not,

our wants might be those of alpha dogs and we ain't alpha dogs.

So really our choices are get shafted or get shafted.

If the former they smile; if the latter we smile?

After further consideration, my pessimist friend Bertold; we can choose:

1) do something and maybe don't get shafted, or

2) do nothing and get out the lubricant.

No good on #2. I heard the new Congress is already proposing a law to mix superglue and sand into all lubricants.

That leaves #1.

Damn, I've been an activist long enough. It's someone else's turn.

Theoretically at least, a massively coordinated consumer movement to vote via pocketbook could castrate the god of short term profit, or at least clip its wings. But I don't know if it's possible on the practical level.

Q: Is it true that ignorance and apathy are our greatest problems?

A: I don't know and I don't care.

Ha! "I don't know and I don't care" was my only line in a fourth grade play and the teacher told me I wasn't convincing.

Bertold, are you sure you want to clip the wings of profit, either short term or long term?

Profit comes from customers.

The problem is that companies, without customers' consent, use profits to bribe politicians to pass laws that help companies and harm customers.

I want employees to own the companies they work for.

If employee-ownership doesn't work, then we humans are no better than bacteria.

Absolutely no argument with that, but how do we get from here to there. Ask nicely? (This is where we need your activist skills.)

BTW, what makes you think humans are better [loaded word there!] than bacteria? Bacteria didn't go and invent religions, and they're a hell of a lot more powerful than we are and will most likely be around much longer.


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