In the Christian/Catholic religion is original sin knowledge? Do the other 2 Abrahamic religions, Islam, and Judaism consider the quest for knowledge a sin?

Someone called in on a telephone round table that my local federal congressman had and opened by saying that she doesn’t believe in reading.

To avoid original sin do Christians and Catholics have to avoid the quest for knowledge?
Is this why elitism is a derogatory political word for scholars?
Is that what drives home schooling in the U.S.?

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Knowledge, intellect, curiosity, analysis, all of these and probably others I haven't thought of amount to sin to a group of people who want to insist that the world was created in six days and is the center of the universe, that it's is a touch over 6,000 years old, that a Jewish carpenter turned rabbi was sent by Big Daddy to be the scapegoat for anyone who believes mindlessly that he is the soi-disant "Son of God."

To invert Carl Sagan's quote, these people don't want to know; they want to believe, and they are determined to reject anything which is dissonant to their belief, whether that's Evolution, equal rights for the GLBT community or any element which reflect a shift away from their "traditional values."

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