As much as i hate to admit the following i will speak my mind, and hope that others might listen.
The Free World As we know it might in fact come to a close. And no this isn't some kind of apocalyptic disaster, the issue is religion. And yes even though all religion is in fact a threat to an advancing civilization, their is one that is gaining momentum and has the potential to literally start a a massive war. Their religion is Muslim, and their goal, to "unite" the world under one "God" by any means necessary. The methods employed by them are simply put violent.
As an Atheist i look around And witness the ever growing numbers under the Muslim fate. This troubles me to a point of fear. Their religion is slowly encroaching upon both America and Europe, where their teachings of a violent religion spread unopposed due to our democratic government.

So i need to hear what the opinions of others on this subject, to see if this a matter that must not be tacken lighty.

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I see American freedoms being seriously eroded by the expansion of the federal government and through legislation that, supposedly, helps us deal with threats for our society such a the so-called "Patriot Act". It seems to me that with every congressional session there are more and more bills proposed that would run roughshod over the bill of rights. It's bad enough that we have external threats from people who'd murder our women, children, and old people but then to have the "elected representatives of the people" trying to strip us of our constitutional rights, that's just downright scary.
Francisco, you are talking exactly what I have been thinking lately. Sadly... We are living in the comfort of vast amount of personal freedom, at least in this part of the world. And only part of the world it is. What is desirable or self-explanatory to us, is not that for many people who are actively pushing their agenda forward.
Fantasies like "Brave New World" and "1984" might actually happen. Or something even more horrific based on Islamic totalitarian rule.
Ask yourselves this: These people want you dead, and they will do it slowly and painfully. Why do you allow them to stay in your country? Answer me this: If someone began living in your house and began breaking your things and began talking about how they wanted to kill you if you didn't do things for them, providing that the were not blood related, would you let them stay? As for me, I would kick them out, with a restraining order.




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