The new Michigan poll: 

Santorum looks like he's going to have a big win in Michigan, and Romney is being forced to spout faith-based insanities in an effort to survive (as is Obama).  

If Santorum is finally the agreed upon representative of the lunatic right, the Republicans are going to find that they've got a clear and angry split in the Party, with only one damaged winner coming out of the convention, and it won't necessarily be Romney.

While I think the Republican Party will lose the election, I think the cultural divide in the US might equal the Vietnam era. Will this year be the high-water mark of the "social conservatives?" Predictions anyone? 

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agreed, but Reagan was pretty scary if you read what he believed.  how's this quote:


"There will be no peace until Jesus comes! That is what the Anti-christ promises. Any teaching of peace prior to his return is heresy. It is against the word of God - it is anti-Christ!"


he was a believer that Jesus would be returning, and SOON. 


as for GWB, we know that he used God to make key decisions and spoke weekly with a Evangelical preacher who claimed to have direct contact to God (this preacher was exposed as a fraud and a closet homosexual). 


still, Santorum has extreme views on every conceivable social issue, so i see where you're coming from. 

I think we agree.  I think you are correct and it has been a part of the right for along time.  I think you also agree with me, that Santorum is even a stretch past what we have previously seen.

we totally agree.  hell, i've written 3 or 4 discussions or blog posts on Santorum in the past month. 


my very Conservative step-father (thinks O'Reilly is too moderate //shudders) even thinks Santorum is mostly off his rocker.  i'm pretty sure he'll vote for him though if he gets the party nod.  he thinks Obama is a Muslim who wasn't born in America. 

Very much like my father, who feels that O'Reilly really is fair and balanced.---I have also blogged a bit about him.  What is your blog, I would love to check it out.

Back to rapidly increasing polarization. The Catholic Church has joined the Southern Baptists, et al, politically, while keeping their tax-exempt status. Sides are being taken and everything evil is gathering in Mordor (the Republican Party).

Well, Phil, we may have never met, but we are certainly on the same page here.  I find the Church's view disgusting.  This will most certainly cause problems for me within my family (my wife and I are the only non-Catholics---the rest are pretty religious).  Time for me to find some ways to get active.

The Baptists and the Catholics find common ground in Santorum.   Yessssss  my preciousssss.  Together they seek the ring.  

It's true that fundamentalism is not a recent novelty in American politics.  But there is an ominous new development.  Reagan spoke like a fundamentalist, but though he may not have been a particularly intelligent person, he was a gifted manipulator of image.  His own personal views were probably more elastic than what came out of his mouth.  He merely knew what had to be said to excite "the base", and proffered them the requisite red-meat.  Bush Junior was a true believer, but he was too inept and narrow-minded to be genuinely dangerous.  Santorum, on the other hand, is no idiot - and he's a true-believer.  Therein lies the danger.  Fundamentalists of old were unscrupulous manipulators of gullible proles.  Part of today's Republican party doubtless espouses this strategy.  Their real interest is economic, not social.  But a large part of the new Republicans really do care more about the bedroom than the boardroom, about banning contraception than about excluding capital-gains from federal income tax.  And unfortunately not all of them are buffoons and crackpots.  This is where the danger lies.

But it's not all doom and gloom.  As posted above, the demographics are against bedroom fascism, as is the slowly but surely emerging consciousness of a plurality of Americans for whom "privacy rights" isn't as satirical jab against an "activist" (whatever that means!) Supreme Court.

We just have to outlast the current wave.  Long-term, the odds are in our favor.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them


A nice fit, particularly the last phrase.

Here is my new blog on this topic, if you all agree, please pass it on.  This needs to stop.


unbelievable.  I hope SNL has some fun with that.




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