The new Michigan poll: 

Santorum looks like he's going to have a big win in Michigan, and Romney is being forced to spout faith-based insanities in an effort to survive (as is Obama).  

If Santorum is finally the agreed upon representative of the lunatic right, the Republicans are going to find that they've got a clear and angry split in the Party, with only one damaged winner coming out of the convention, and it won't necessarily be Romney.

While I think the Republican Party will lose the election, I think the cultural divide in the US might equal the Vietnam era. Will this year be the high-water mark of the "social conservatives?" Predictions anyone? 

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I think what we are witnessing is what I call "Theocracies Last Stand". The evidence in favor of evolution is so unassailable and technology and information processing have become so ubiquitous that the current powers that be have lost complete control of the message.  This is very frightening to those who have convinced people that their lives should be lived in complete hell so that when they die they will receive a big fancy reward at the end.  Unfortunately in order for the "Holy Liassons" to regain control they must destroy everything. (Isn't that always the way?). And this is what is scaring me and other nontheists the most...I can't leave the ship!!! This is why I think that it is more important now than ever for the secularists of the world unite and make our voices heard...Revelation is not and should never be Legislation.

I am with you Ron.  I hadn't thought of it as "Theocracies Last Stand" but I like it.  We need to speak up and speak up now.  That is the whole reason I have found this community, other blogs, started a blog, and talk to as many friends and family as I can.  Six months ago, I was a happy atheist, sitting on my couch reading I just cant stay quiet anymore.  We cannot allow the religion to drive legislation in this country, or anywhere else for that matter.

I have been thinking of starting a blog; I have lived a very interesting life. (An old Chinese Curse:' May you live an interesting life.' I get  However I am not all that net savvy. Any hints on how to get one started, you know...information concerning domains, net pages, etc.  I am "bush-bound" up here in Alaska so any GOOD ideas would be appreciated. 

I use, but that requires some tech skills.  From what I hear, google's is pretty user friendly.

I like your screen name.

I first heard that old Chinese curse as 'May you live in a time of change' and reacted with "Damn, those old Chinese knew how to lay a curse!"

I understand your wanting to start a blog; Sarah knows how to bore people to tears.

There's a reaction to the widespread availability of a model of the world that really works well, the scientific one. It's no longer possible to have the majority of educated and responsible people accommodating ghosts, magic and biology. The middle is being lost, with only the most willfully stupid, and those who gain power from them, left to support the religious model. This is polarization. 


Good point Phil. The middle is being lost.  What concerns me, and it is something that I did not realize until the last year or so, is how large that middle is.  It is the source of much of our polarization, but not all of it.  When you factor in politics, the dividing line is almost always in the same place as it would be with religion.  Which I find mildly humorous--very religious people should probably reject very conservative political ideas, yet they don't seem too.  Go figure.

I too wonder why devout Christians aren't more socialist in their views.  Why don't they support geometrically increasing (progressive) income taxes, a strong social safety net, free public higher education, free medical care and so forth?  Instead, the most rabid adherents to Christianity are the most likely to prefer a Darwinian (or more properly, Spencerian) "survival of the fittest". 

I can think of several underlying things.

They are anti-intellectual. This is natural since they are willfully stupid, choosing magic over science. Higher (certainly secular) education is generally a bad thing.

They think godless socialists will take from them and give to the evil and degenerate.

They have the Truth and so they should have the power. Power-sharing with the evil and degenerate is bad, hence the support of an unmatchable military at the expense of everything else.

Their memes are authoritarian and patriarchal, and shape their attitudes.

So they're by nature anti-democratic. A Christian Republic is their goal. 

Good point, but one wonders, why is rapacity by "godless socialists" decried as inimical to freedom, while rapacity by "god-fearing" CEOs, investment-bankers and the like, regarded as wholesome job-creating progress-advancing good-work?  The masses will always be fools, ripe for marshaling by well-connected schemers.  No surprise there.  But what is surprising is how professionals earning $150K/year are successfully painted as "snobby elites", while speculators earning $2M/year are wholesome job-creators and therefore the good-guys. 

I am also surprised how the fellow earning $9/hour stacking boxes absolutely despises the part-time single-mother waitress earning the same hourly wage, because the waitress gets another $5K/year "on the government dole" for raising her kid.  One set of poor people is prodded into hating another - total victory for, shall we say, a certain segment of society.

I remember Goldstein's monolog in Orwell's 1984... how history is all about the struggle of the middle against the high, while the low are forever doomed to being low.  When the middle overcome the high and take their place, it's called revolution.  When the high succeed in stifling the middle, it's called order. 

I would guess that the proletariat gets its opinions from TV and other Republican slanted sources. Corporations spend billions, not only on lobbying, but on controlling information to the 99%.

The xian preaching class can claim a huge win; they convinced their unthinking followers that their Jesus wasn't a radical leftist.

Did they learn from Herr Goebbels, or did he learn from them, that repetition works?




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