The new Michigan poll: 

Santorum looks like he's going to have a big win in Michigan, and Romney is being forced to spout faith-based insanities in an effort to survive (as is Obama).  

If Santorum is finally the agreed upon representative of the lunatic right, the Republicans are going to find that they've got a clear and angry split in the Party, with only one damaged winner coming out of the convention, and it won't necessarily be Romney.

While I think the Republican Party will lose the election, I think the cultural divide in the US might equal the Vietnam era. Will this year be the high-water mark of the "social conservatives?" Predictions anyone? 

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You turned it around, Phil.

Bipartisan calm lets people turn their attention elsewhere.

Polarization awakens them and, disturbed, they MAYBE see the corruption.

The corruption has been there at least since the 1840s when Daniel Webster wrote to bankers in New Hampshire and said he needed them to send him more money. That was extortion.

That's what I thought you meant.

My take on it is that the prols, who are always angry and simplistic, the ones who fall for the basest rhetoric from the Gingriches and Santorums, can't do anything about corruption. Corruption is where there's money/power which they don't have and can't get.

They are always screwed, except for the ones who escape - get educations, and avoid pregnancies and priests. The escapees can still have good lives, though this kind of social mobility seems to be less and less in GBA.  




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