Is posting atheist quotes hiding behind someone else's voice?

I've been accused of not having any original ideas, because I post an atheist quote every day on my facebook. Check out the ongoing discussion(my current status), and someone tell me where I'm wrong here. I feel like he's being dishonest about why he doesn't like my posts. But, I've tried to stay true to the confines of the debate he started...ugh! Please don't attack the guy though...

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Hey Happy, It's not hiding behind someone elses voice to use a quote that fits... Most great thinkers are dead and gone, seemingly to never walk this earth again. Their thoughts on the world as it was changing right before them, their ideas are timeless, and alot of them (Voltaire, and many more) their words, acted on ideas that are universal truths... meaning they will always be true, under the conditions we live in, which is governments, laws and currencies, founded on religion, which produce capitalizm and make for a very inhumane place to live, by "freedomes' " standards. Let's face it, our society has taken a serious nose-dive as far as thought proccesses go, and if you really think about it society has taken multiple nose-dives, the latest ... around the industrial revolution, I mean, with all that *new* *stuff* to want want want desire want ... who has time for critical thinking. 99% of the worlds population has lost perspective, they don't understand history, and how it relates to our present, we have become very insensitive to the subtle manipulative ways of those in power, and have lost the ability to cope with the stress that comes with all that thinking and pondering.

So I say read read read all the and understand all of the most contravercial quotes and everything else they have writen, and stock up on all of their words, because what was true then is even more true now.

The person that commented on your quote usage, probably just didn't understand it, not in joke form!
Try posting a quote, and commenting on why you like it. That way you will have original thought in there.

Using quotes are fine, sometimes you just can't say things much better, and I like to quote anceitn Greek scholars just to show that these concepts are not 'new' by any means.
He's right, what you should do is quote the bible ad nauseum..,that's the definition of originality.
When other people can say it better than I then they get quoted.
One things for certain ... people suck.

How many of those complaining use bible quotes....
I've had people (including other atheists) tell me that I'm just parroting others when I quote somebody. However, if somebody has already made a statement that expresses my sentiments, why shouldn't I quote them? It's one thing if you are giving a speech, writing a song, or writing a paper, but in casual conversation or as a "thought of the day" in a blog, I see no reason not to use a lot of quotes if it gets the point across.




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