I was reading Why Men in Southern States Are More Likely to Die in Accidents and wondered if Secular Humanists and other Atheists are less likely to die in auto accidents in southern states. Does the capacity to free yourself from religious memeplexes transfer to freeing yourself from Dominator culture memeplexes too?

How many of us believe “a real man doesn’t let other people push him around”? Are there two flavors of manly atheism, one humanist and the other macho? I've certainly met pushy atheist men who treat women as second class citizens, and use their skepticism to assert intellectual superiority over believers. What do you think?

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I doubt there are just two flavours. Think of the expression that organising atheists is like herding cats. I've heard atheists say that, free from religion, they can fight to get to the top of the heap in a dog-eat-dog world. Others are humanist, pacifist, vegetarian, vegan..........most of us are somewhere in between.


I've also met an amount of stereotype attitudes towards men among women, at work (I'm a care-worker) in my family and in personal relationships. It's something that really gets up my nose. "are you the soft or hard type of man"? I am not a type! And I'm not here to live up to others' expectations. Sexism is not a male preserve.


Just letting off a bit of steam there!

Bring it Ian!
Good answer. Point taken.
And as shown by the attitudes you've gotten, sexism affects both sexes negatively.
Ruthie:  There are jerks in every group.  Atheist jerks just lack the excuse that god said it was OK to be that way.
Well, in the sense that God is certainly NOT MY COPILOT- I motion that all men who drive around with a plastic Jesus on their dashboards need freer access to a Chia Pet kit.

Yes, it does seem those both male and female, young and old, rich and poor would benefit from less false programs between their ears. Greater survival in heavy traffic while defensive driving as an atheist could be more than anecdotal.
Perhaps, but it could be argued that those who think there is "only" one life to live are more careful with it, with their own and with others.
Right, and after the accident you aren't just going to fly away to heaven where you don't have to make that overdue mortgage payment.

Actually I would rather go to hell!  I don't want to be stuck eternally with pedophile priests, forgiven rapists and murderers, evangelical preachers and forgiven child abusing parents!  Oh, and my overdue mortgage payment could not be paid anyway--the bastard attorney I hired stole my entire settlement earmarked for my medical expenses and living expenses! http://www.dispatch.com/live/contentbe/dispatch/2006/07/17/20060717... My 2002 accident was clearly a construct of god, because it was a vicious nightmare! There are dozens of articles about Attorney, Perry Silverman!  The douchebag got out of prison in January 2011!  The outgoing governor (clearly commanded by god) outrageously pardoned him! http://www.dispatchpolitics.com/live/content/local_news/stories/201...  I got back to work 6 months ago after I found a physician that started me on pain management and a couple back braces!  Prior to pain management I could barely move, cried constantly, and dreamt up 100's of ways to commit suicide. Oh, did I mention that it was an illegal alien that hit me head on? One that had been arrested 6 times prior to the accident, yet had never been deported?  The hilarious part?  The local christians claim god is very angry at me for not believing and this is my punishment!!!! bah ha ha ha 

I've not had the misfortune of running into a sexist atheist man but if I do, it'd be very hard not to run the feller over and blame it on survival instincts kicking in.


In all seriousness and in my own limited experiences, I don't think the belief system has that much of an effect on the person--male or female--when it comes to the stereotypes pushed by our cultures.  It's more to do with how the person was brought up and their individual perceptions of themselves that drives how they choose to interact with others.  An ass is an ass, regardless of their belief systems and again, whether male or female.

I have never met a macho atheist man, actually quite the opposite. (Perhaps macho atheist men are not REALLY atheists at all! hehe) Men in the South (excluding male atheists) are incredibly macho, ill-mannered, and quite a condescending, nagging, mean-spirited ass to atheist women!


With all the complexities of the topic, I am simply thrilled to ponder that more of these idiots will die in accidents!  Any thinning of this herd is an AWESOME thing! 

Darwin strikes back?




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