I searched around for a discussion on this topic, but I haven't found any. If this topic has already been started or if it's in the wrong category, feel free to delete this and refer me to the other one.

Being a teenager, I hear a lot of my peers and friends saying things such as "That's Gay" and "Don't be a Fag". I try not to comment when they say that, but I really do think that saying something like that should be on the same level as "That's so Black."

I think of it as them replacing the word "stupid" with "gay", so obviously when put in that light, it's a pretty bigoted and judgmental thing to say.

So what do you think, fellow Atheists? Especially the younger ones like me, who probably hear this stuff at school all the time. I just simply don't know what to think about it.

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Who would of thought coming from Bill. But he's still a ass - my apologies to those of the horse-like species.

I have to admit to being almost as bad. I made my kids and their friends stop saying "that's so gay" while in my house - if they said it they got a mouth full of baking cocoa. Instead, I had them say "that's so scientologist."

While admittedly derogatory to scientologists it made me feel better.
lol They don't deserve any respect.



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