New York Times article

(*sigh* - sometimes this world seems even more nonsensical than a Monty Pythons movie to me)

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Judith, you can never, ever, ever, go wrong with chocolate chip.
Fuck their absurd religion. Make the old folks take the stairs if they don't want to press a button.
Why does this fucking stupid angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin-type silliness piss me off so much? If they want to nitpick about whether their silly god wants them to push an elevator, button that's their problem. If pushing a fucking elevator button is work, what about wiping the ass after pooping? Shaking Mr. Pokey (who, fortunately has been appropriately trimmed) after peeing?

If these crazies want to argue about elevator buttons, that's really their problem.
Yay physics!
Apparently the robbers weren't orthodox Jews then, I'll wager!
Yeah,Ive read a good bit of that..Really disturbing.
Orthodox Judaism is just as wacked out as the craziest Christian/Mormon/Muslim belief.


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