Here's what the Catholic News Service says:

"The film contains an explicit rejection of Christian faith and morals, endorsement of homosexual acts, nonmarital sexual activity and petty theft, a benign view of drug use, occasional gory violence, a few uses of profanity and pervasive rough and crude language. The Catholic News Service classification is O -- morally offensive."
More about why the Godly must avoid this comedy here.



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I'm sold. I'm moving that one to the top of my list.
Just saw it. Funny and sharp. Says some of those things we wish we could say without getting bombarded with inane biblical references.I would definitely recommend this movies to atheists and theists. It just might start a good discussion.
Well, most hollywood films should qualify as atheist films:)
Yeah, I am thinking any movie that deal w resolving its conflicts w\o resorting to the supernatural would qualify. I am curious tho what precisly it was that pissed off the catholic church.
Was planning on seeing it, even more so now.

I don't know as I'm going to just jump up and go see Paul because the catholic church is up in arms about it (they do that so easily it seems sometimes), but consider: if they can get so upset about a lousy MOVIE, what does that say about their security in their own faith?

[shrug] I might give it a look when it shows up on HBO, though....

 They also never learn...The more they bitch about a film,the more people will go see it.

 It looks pretty stupid to me (aimed at 16 year old males),so I'll give it a miss.



If you're a sci-fi movie buff there are a lot of references to spielberg, lucas star trek. Pegg and Frost are very funny. I did not expect much but laughed my butt off.

Agreed. It was above and beyond what I expected as well. The bonuses (roadhouse band playing the Star Wars cantina music, Devil's Tower, Paul in a warehouse surrounded by rows of storage boxes) just improved it.


As for it being an atheist movie, it's a bit unfair. In the movie, Paul is irrefutable proof that there is life on other planets and anyone who comes across him has to reassess their beliefs in one way or another. You can see that he's not human, or from Earth. In reality, we don't have a little gray man to flaunt in front of the fundies, so we have to stick with boring old science. If it were as easy to convert people from their whackaloon beliefs with just boring old science, we'd all be atheists now.

It's not necessarily a lousy movie. Most reviewers, like Roger Ebert, were just lukewarm about it.
Well, that only makes me want to see it more.
Yeah, that is just about what I was thinking. Any movie where conflicts are dealt w w/o any supernatural influences ought to qualify, I am thinking. Having not seen this, as of yet, I cant say what about this movie pissed off the catholics.




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