I'm sorry I just can't pass this one up. Last Sunday a letter was released on the internet accusing the Pope of heresy according to CNN. According to CNN 70 Catholic theologians has sign on. I could not vet the article or find out whom these theologians were unfortunately. But it does raise a number of questions.

There is the doctrine of papal infallibility to deal with. According to the Catholic church the Pope is the divinely inspired mouthpiece of God. That is he literally has the authority of God as his Devine messenger. The significance of this can not be understated. He has the authority of God on earth. 

If Catholic theologians and/or clergy did truly believe this to be true then how could they question him at all? Would not questioning the Pope be direct defiance of God? To implicate the Pope of heresy would be to implicate God himself of heresy. 

 This is a nice rare moment where we can clearly seen that even Catholic theologians know that the papacy is a farce. They are admitting that the Pope is simply a man chosen by men without any Devine intervention what so ever or the Pope could not be accused of wrong doing.

 I hope that the few Catholics that realize this hypocrisy will come to be free of religion.

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And we all have heard the saying which is true as well as witty
That a camel is a horse that was designed by a committee!

-- Allan Sherman, "Peter and the Commissar

The fact is that the pope doesn't stand alone and probably never has, at least in modern times.  He still has the curia behind him, who WILL vet his every word and protest if something is out of line.  Witness his statements about atheists being saved or not judging about homosexuality.

The problem with the RCC and indeed with all dogma-based churches is that they struggle against a modern-day culture which has so badly outpaced them that they continuously flirt with irrelevancy.  This particular pope has at least tried to take action, but the social inertia of the organization he has to live with will fight him tooth and nail against any attempt to alter what they see is divinely dictated doctrine.  I wrote about this problem some time back, and the situation hasn't changed since then.  Truth is, I wouldn't expect it to.  For an absolutist organization to change would admit that it either has a problem or has made a mistake, and while the church has occasionally made apologies for past actions, admitting error is not in its nature nor is it something it does willingly.

All great truths begin as blasphemies.
-- George Bernard

Considering the close relationship between heresy and blasphemy and the above quote, it may be that the church is at least attempting to alter itself, as it did with Vatican II.  The real question becomes: will it allow itself to?

During my years in RC schools, from 1936 to 1949, that charge was answered by saying the Pope was infallible only "in matters of faith and morals".

Has the Church altered its view, or did CNN omit a few words?

I've actually never heard that to my surprise. It does kind of beg the question(to use the common usage of the term) how the pope can be infallible in regard to morals and faith and change his mind or Catholic doctrine concerning morals and faith. If if the idea was infallible how could it change?

CU, they always said the pope was infallible, never the idea.




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