The OED defines predator as a person who ruthlessly exploits others. The word’s Latin root is praedator,  which means ‘plunderer’.

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I'd say that the men who invented the gods are predators. The interests of a man and his god always match nicely. Beliefs invented by women - e.g. wicca - seem to be kinder and more about care.

...and more about freedom with responsibility ("An [if] it harm none, do what thou wilt...") and about accepting and enjoying life's pleasures ("All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals").

Some people might find it useful to have a god who's consciously invented, unapologetically imaginary: a character or "avatar" who, as Ruth put it, wouldn't be about delivering Christmas presents or selling car insurance, but would be a spokesperson for the welfare of humanity as a whole. 

One recent example: The Big Whoop book, describing the religion of Whoopee ("a rather silly name. But religions are rather silly things"). Its deity has one tenet for humans to follow: "Don't be an asshole." (somehow Chapter 1 didn't get that tag)

Why should I follow Big Whoop instead of my current deity?

[...] Has your God ever decided to destroy the world and drown all of the cute baby meat critters because people suck? If so, that should be a good enough reason to consider a less homicidal deity.

Another good reason is that unlike all of the other deities out there, Big Whoop is honest enough to admit right up front that he does not, in fact, exist.

Do you have any proof that Big Whoop doesn’t exist?

Yes. Unlike other deities, Big Whoop is not shy or timid about showing up in front of everybody and saying, “Hi there!” So you can rest assured that if Big Whoop did exist, you would damn well know it.




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