Is there a way to get my page de indexed by google or delete profile?

My pages in this site and facebook pops up in front page on googling my name. I do not want this as this invades my privacy. I know how to delete my facebook account by I cannot find anything about deleting my account here. And am I allowed to use a pseudonym here? I do not want everyone to find this profile by googling it?

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Go to My Page, then My Settings and change your "full name" to something else. Rogers is the plural form of my middle name. Yes, pseudonyms are allowed.
thanks. Changed my username.
Also, go to My Page > My Settings > Address and change your URL to Indian Chimpanzee.
You could write google a letter of demand. That usually works.
I use a fake name because I work at a catholic hospital. I don't lie when asked about my religious orientation, but, I don't like people snooping into my business without asking me first
I've thought about this and have come to the conclusion. If someone wants to go the trouble of googling me and discover I'm an atheist, they might as well have just asked me. I've nothing to hide.

But good luck avoiding the snoops. ;)


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