Is there an atheist version of "gaydar"? In other words, how can you tell?

With so many 'coming out' stories about atheism, I was wondering if there is a way that atheists can identify one another without asking. In the gay world, it's 'gaydar' - noting the way that someone walks, talks, dresses, interacts with others, or somehow just "is".

I've had a few people, out of the blue (at work) volunteer to me that they are atheist. I didn't ask why, it just seemed like a topic for conversation at the time. Even though it's a very busy workplace and we don't chat much at all.

So I'm wondering, if there is a atheist version of 'gaydar'? Something that makes us think "that person looks like an atheist!". Maybe it's a lack of interest in Xmas, or that is the only person who never mentions going to church, or... what? Seeing that evolve-fish on their car - well, that's obvious. There must be something more subtle.

I've seen a similar situation with Mormons here. Fairly quickly, they seem to identify one another by mentions of their son on a mission, or their trip to Salt Lake City, or, I don't know, their most recent jello recipes. Key words, or key concepts, and maybe mannerisms, seem to help some like-minded people identify one another.

If there is such a 'early detection system', what is it called? Or what should it be called? Somehow 'heathenar' doesn't have that snappy sound.

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Serious LOL

My Dad used to play the dowsing rod trick on me when I was a kid.
I'm in the military and deployed. Our unit has us verify our personal info (blood type, religion, etc) about once a month. I usually find having to reconfirm I'm an atheist every month annoying, but the last time I took the time to snoop through everyone elses religious preferences and was really surprised who put down "atheist", "agnostic", or "no pref". I was way off base in my assumptions. Who'd have thought that quite hillbilly kid would've been the only other atheist on the list :)
I have some jewelry from Evolvefish. I have a "Happy Human" pendant and an "A" pendant and earrings. Great stuff! I wear them all of the time. One of my co-workers asked me about the earrings. He said, "Are those atheist earrings?" I said, with a smile on my face, "Yes, they are". :) He didn't seem to have a problem with it, he was just curious. Sometimes people will ask what my earrings are. If I don't know the person, I'll just say that they are "atoms". Because, they look like an atomic molecule with an "A" in the middle.
"With so many 'coming out' stories about atheism, I was wondering if there is a way that atheists can identify one another without asking."

In Australia ,it's a little different.Here one simply assumes a new acquaintance is atheist,unless they have two heads. Each Australian is also born with an inbuilt irony meter and bullshit detector. Of course,with fuddies those faculties have a defect or are missing entirely.
A couple of points to make…
Unfortunately it has been my experience in the US that most people are Christian (at least in the South where I live) and almost every one of them assumes that everyone else is just like them.
In many other countries I have been to, it usually doesn’t even come up. I think a lot of that has to do with the many tumultuous periods in history when your religion could get you killed on the spot. People just don’t volunteer that information.
There are some countries in the Middle East / Asia where Muslim beliefs are the predominate religion. And yes in some of those places your religion or lack of religion can get you killed in a heartbeat.
So while it has been my experience that I don’t have to fear for my life while I am here in the states, it will sometimes sneak up on you if you are not paying attention. (The question that is)
Usually the Christians here will speak up first. And when they ask you what church you go to, just tell them you “Home Church”. This will usually elicit a facial expression of query, a laugh, or more questions. If you feel like engaging in a debate, this is a great way to start one.
Lastly, it has been my experience that if I am trying to discern a person’s theological beliefs, (or lack thereof) I can usually just make a comment about a controversial topic (Political or theological) and that will lead you to what they build their foundations on. (Logic or flying pink ponies that talk to them)

What do you think of Joel Osteen?
What is your position on women’s rights?

Those two seem to work for me.
If you were to ask me what I thought about Joel Osteen I would honestly tell you that I like to watch him on TV. He gives a really good message most of the time about humanity when he isn't going on about God. Did you know he refuses to say that Atheists are going to hell? He said it isnt his position to judge. But to be fair I would probably admit I was an Atheist so I didnt confuse you about liking Osteen.
We need to label this what it is:

The Prayer of Allegiance.

The United States is one of the most religious nations on earth. This is by design and we're sitting back and letting it happen.

End the Prayer of Allegiance!
Gee, that was on-topic.
LOl, I love it even if there is not such little stickers as an evolve fist or freedom of thought paraphenalia. I think its the same as gaydar when you start speaking with a non-believer you can tell whether someone does or does not believe :)
You shall know them by their t-shirts.
I don't find it too hard to find people who might either be swayed or are normal. But I cant do it by looks alone I have to talk to them to know. Normally I can pick up on their mannerisms and the words they choose however for the less obvious it never fails to mention the latest science article you read in the news the other day.

This fake article, or real current event, has to be something against most peoples suspected beliefs and you have to appear on the fence or neutral. Listen carefully to the words they use, and it helps to be able to read body language well.

Possible topics could be:
* stem cell research [this one is a biggy]
* evolution [some people of faith believe in part of evolution, the key words being "part" and "believe"]
* the origin of life (or life in space esp. other planets etc.) [gets under most of their skins]
* new scientific instruments / ventures trying to find the origin of the universe [might not work on scientist so judging their profession / interest helps]

Whatever you choose make it a passing comment but do draw attention to how amazed or fascinated you were after having read it, as if its the first time you were exposed to such an idea. Then just listen, people will unsuspectingly give you a lot of information about their stance if you just listen.

If you think they passed the test casually bring up another topic like above. You shouldn't mention belief systems unless its brought up by the other party. There are many questions you could ask someone to find out the answers to other questions you really wanted to ask.

Good luck!
While i've only read the first and last pages of this thread, I propose that we come up with an atheist code word to probe for possible non-theistic viewpoints in someone we suspect is non-theist or simply are curious as to their position. It could be useful in those sensitive situations. Maybe not a word but a phrase or expression would be more appropriate. What do you all think?



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