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I understand the sentiment behind the graphic. I would point out that, like others have pointed out, these are not new issues and have been symptomatic of our race for ages. Yes, I said ages. I think it has the feeling of being compounded with the advances of awareness in our communities. Larger audiences can now witness what occurs in other populations within seconds of the occurrence. Corruption can now be spread digitally, and disease spread even more easily thanks to advances in travel.

But the reality is that much of what is being mentioned in the meme, while very much serious issues, and they are growing, are also the loudest topics spoken about in media. All of the topics listed are symptoms of much larger issues. Pipelines, fracking, etc ---> Climate change and abuse of it by humans.  Children dying, Minority Rule, Rise of Hate Groups, etc ---> Lack of social policy in government. Though on a side note, the hate groups are on the rise. They are getting more attention because our culture has a major "bystander" complex. Cue the social policy issues we never seem to directly address because everything is "protected speech".

It goes on and on. It's like talking about your little aches and treating those individually instead of addressing the issue as a whole and alleviating multiple problems at once.

As if these things started yesterday...



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