Early in July / end of June an internet buddy (he happens to be a ranking police officer in a mid-western state) and I started a Post Rapture Pet rescue service.

It got so much publicity the first week on the net it brought our site down and we had to buy additional band-width. check it out: http://www.eternal-earthbound-pets.com/

My wife said it was unethical; that I was taking advantage of the religiously afflicted / terminally deluded.

My position , obviously, is completly different. I contend it would only be unethical (and illegal) if the Rapture happened and I did not render the service for which the Christian subscribers paid. But, I have every intent of satisfying that contract, rescuing their pets, should the rapture occur. I even have a cadre of volunteer atheist pet rescuers enlisted in the states for which we sell coverage.

Besides, doesn't giving peace of mind to the mindless count as a good thing?

So what's your position?
- Am I being unethical because I am catering to the belief's and needs of the religious?
- Does the fact that I don't accept the rapture as real make this in and of itself unethical?
- How does this offering differ from providing tornado insurance to someone who lives in an area that gets a tornado once every 200 years, but who insists they want to pay for that insurance?


(PS: no, sorry...I won't divulge any info vis-a-vis actual sales or clients)

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It's not unethical, not at all.

You're basically offering an insurance policy.

Then again I hate the whole concept of insurance.
Yes it is...And they want it to continue.
Insurance in the US is the biggest scam ever.

I don't think insurance is a scam, I do think however that most people are over-insured for things that statistically will never happen to them. How many ways do you really need to be insured as a person.

I think some life insurance is nice, it is just there to take care of the costs when I eventually die, so my family and friends will not have to. Considering I am donating my body to science however there shouldn't be much to do or spend. I pass on most other brands, the only insurance I have besides life, is on my personal property and covers fire only. Where I live, health and welfare come from the state, so I don't have too worry to much about those.

Other then that I cannot see what else I would need insurance for.
He has indepth familiarity with the law persuant to illegal offerings, deceptions, fraud, et al, via the internet and mail. But this thread isn't about the police. I mentioned it only because I am comfortable with his counsel that it doesn't cross a legal line.

So, Stephen... now that you've made your feelings about police officers known, any thoughts on the question posed / the thread topic?

any money spent by the faith-afflicted on your service, may not pass into the hands of the Hinns and similar Fear-of-rapture services on the xtian side. Now that has got to be a big plus!

Mr. Black,
Damn... I never thought of that! I'm actually providing a service indirectly to the anti-theist community :)

I feel even better now.
Shame these guys beat you to it by over 2 years -


But I suppose suppose you didn't feel the need to google for an idea that earth shatteringly original, and can be excused for duplication of effort.

Also, I think gratuitously advertising your book in the main window of your service will probably drive away any believers that may have been potentially duped.

Regardless, all of this seems to be the least of your "ethical" problems.

and so it begins.
So , felch, lemme see if I have this correct. Lets recap:

- You have no opinion on the ethical aspects of the site/the thread topic...OK
- The concept of a pet rescue isn't original, no one claimed it was..only you it seems. ..OK . Actually we coopted the idea from a British website that actually has a fee structure similar to ours.
- You are concerned that my book advertisement scares away Xtians, while the entire site specifically states atheists offering this service. ... OK
- The fact that we received 800+ unsolicited applications for atheist pet rescuer positions, following my interview about the site on the Huffington Post on july 2, which generated the single largest number of book sales for me than any other single avenue is probably lost on you...OK.

You don't seem to be too keyed into / too on target with anything else you post (i.e. your being a spokes person for the 10,000 members vis-a-vis the "irrelevancy" of the "Belief Hate" thread, and how you determined all 10,000 members never feel hate, et al ) so, why should you do any better on this one? But thanks for your concern, business is is doing nicely.

Don't give up your day job for anything in Marketing, public relations, sales, or anything requiring forethought , creativity, advertising, or a personality.


Your defensiveness speaks more than anything I or anyone else could ever say. It has that air of affronted "I didn't do it!!!" while your hand is still well and truly stuck in the cookie jar.
LOL..listen to yourself... oh great spokesman for the 10k members.
your obsession with me and my book speaks more than anything anyone could ever say about your mental stability and inadequacy.

Shouldn't you be writing book reviews for yourself ?
ah..that obsesssion, that jealousy.

(Oh..by the way..I'm rated #34 in sales out of 78,000 atheist themed books on amazon as of 1/2 hr ago. thanks for bringing it up. I'm not sure which makes me happier, your publicizing my book, your jealousy, vindictiveness, obsession, and anger ... or my sales volume. ;)
Yeah. You be careful not to trip on your dick when you walk then, your awesomeness.




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