Early in July / end of June an internet buddy (he happens to be a ranking police officer in a mid-western state) and I started a Post Rapture Pet rescue service.

It got so much publicity the first week on the net it brought our site down and we had to buy additional band-width. check it out: http://www.eternal-earthbound-pets.com/

My wife said it was unethical; that I was taking advantage of the religiously afflicted / terminally deluded.

My position , obviously, is completly different. I contend it would only be unethical (and illegal) if the Rapture happened and I did not render the service for which the Christian subscribers paid. But, I have every intent of satisfying that contract, rescuing their pets, should the rapture occur. I even have a cadre of volunteer atheist pet rescuers enlisted in the states for which we sell coverage.

Besides, doesn't giving peace of mind to the mindless count as a good thing?

So what's your position?
- Am I being unethical because I am catering to the belief's and needs of the religious?
- Does the fact that I don't accept the rapture as real make this in and of itself unethical?
- How does this offering differ from providing tornado insurance to someone who lives in an area that gets a tornado once every 200 years, but who insists they want to pay for that insurance?


(PS: no, sorry...I won't divulge any info vis-a-vis actual sales or clients)

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EXCELLENT!! thanks goz..it was fun. and they plugged my book too!!
I just wish I offered the service in NC.
Ha. I heard about that service years ago.




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