I recorded this video on the issues surrounding religious leaders starting a war based upon faith or religion. The video generally approaches the subject with the view that those starting a war on religious basis are either mistaken or lying about their motivation for conflict. If anyone has any comments or suggestions about this video I would appreciate it.


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Admittedly not having seen your video, I still have to ask: how does anyone justify Anything in the name of something That Does Not Exist?!?

Yeah, yeah, I know, it exists to THEM ... mostly because they had it drilled into them practically since they learned to walk.  And now their god demands war for whatever reason - zero evidence (of course) and precious little other justification, other than someone's say-so.

In the words of the chaplain who wrote the "weather prayer" for General Patton, "That takes a pretty thick rug!"

Don't worry as of yet no one has watched the video - but yes having your invisible friend telling you to kill people would under normal circumstances have you undergoing medical treatment.

" how does anyone justify Anything in the name of something That Does Not Exist?!?"  was my first thought as well.

I think you hit on some good points in your video. I believe throughout history people have started wars in the name of a god or a religion, but in reality their overall goal was control. By conquering another group, no matter what the reason, you end up with their resources, riches and people. I think it was simply an excuse for a lot of different folks in control throughout history to use to justify the violence and bloodshed. What really cracks me up about it for example though is in the bible one of the 10 commandments is "Thou shalt not kill". I guess the knights of the crusades didn't get that memo.

As for modern times I think it is used a lot as an excuse for revenge.

Unfortunately, history shows that no amount of logic can change the opinion of a religious zealot. You may as well be talking to a brick wall. IMO, the only way to keep religion from galvanizing humans into religious zealots is for anti-religious logic to reach them when they are young.

Avez-vous une version française de votre video ?

Non - Sorry I find it awkward enough doing the few videos I have done, making one in French with my limited comprehension of the language would be too difficult, even considering that my dad used to teach French.




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