American journalist.  The video was briefly on Youtube. 

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How ignorant can ISIS be? They think this stupid murder is going to make Obama back off and leave them alone? Islamic theists are more stupid than Christian ones.

ISIS thinks they can terrorize the world into compliance.  What it seems they've forgotten is that they might also piss at least some of the world into reaction ... which might not go so well for them.

Yes, it's terrorism - a low-budget form of warfare. 

They kidnap a journalist and behead him - at almost no cost to them, and getting the most terrorism possible out of it by posting on social media like Youtube and Twitter. 

It's only one death in a huge world, and many people die horrible deaths in wartime. 

But they make this one death count much more than one death normally would, with all the publicity. 

By posting about it, I'm actually enabling whatever effects the terrorists want to have.  Although I don't know that it has the desired effect on A/N people. 

I am thinking about Middle Eastern countries like this.  What if there are 100% atheists, then this gory beheaded by ISIS won't happen. 

I am so relieved who I am.  I don't watch that crap on TV, but I agreed with Freethinkers31's comment. We have to watch our backs.

Yes, confirmed it was James Foley who was beheaded :(

I think this has already backfired on ISIS.  Both Germany and the UK are going to arm the Kurdish Peshmerga army. France already is sending arms. Seems the followers of the pedophile prophet have defecated in their lunch boxes.

A christian in another forum said that we should go after the terrorists' wives and children. I replied, "Yeah, the biblical approach, kill the innocents for the sins of the father/husband! GREAT idea!" Honestly.

Agreed that they know exactly how to get what they want. This one murder, on video, instant world reaction.

We don't see the gory images of war b/c we (meaning, the gov't) learned its lesson in Vietnam. That got a lot of negative publicity as the first televised war. Americans were vehemently opposed to it, and the gov't learned never to show the reality of war on TV after that.

You'll notice how sanitized our media has become. The word "troops" now means "soldiers," as in "X number of troops were blasted by a bazooka." Sounds less personal. Easier for us to support a war if we're removed from the bloody reality.

So I'm fine with showing images of war, but not so much of terrorism. More images of war would mean less support, and hopefully less war; terrorism thrives on the images as their strategy.

But if other countries are that much more motivated to put a stop to the evil-doers, then at least some good has come of it.


What ISIS is doing will not cause a "knuckle under" attitude. It will cause the rest of the world to be against them.

One of the reasons the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC is so jarring and moving to our emotions is because of the simplicity of seeing column after column of names of dead people.  Each individual name personalizes the waste of human war and suffering much more than one large stone monument with one representative soldier. 




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