In thinking about the crisis that has been pending with ISIS, a radical terrorist group, I can't help but wonder...will a war against this group really solve anything? Of course, we can't just sit by and watch a terrorist group ''take over the world,'' but how can anyone opposing ISIS, eradicate its ideology? For that is what is at stake. ISIS represents an can its opposition successfully combat that which can't be seen, but yet controls an entire group's actions?

How can we go to war against an ideology? Is there any hope of 'winning?' I suppose the world stood up to Hitler's ideology (and defeated his regime), so can that be done in this case with ISIS?

Just thinking out loud ...wondering what you all think?

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I agree, Glen. Let's drop the invectives.

It is not logical that i produce authority for the proposition that non-citizens lack first amendment protection. It is incumbent upon you to prove that non-citizens have those rights. 

Assuming arguendo that a member of some weird religious group was aggressively prosleytizing and that the government stopped the proselytizer, it would not be for the citizen prosleytizer to prove that she is entitled to invoke first amendment.  Having shown that the government is infringing upon her free exercise of religion the issue would be application of first amendment to the facts of her case. . 

On the other hand the non-citizen proselytizer would have to prove that she is entitled to invoke first amendment. Otherwise her claim that her constitutional rights had been infringed would not even be entertained. 

Similarly, it is up to you to support your contention, not up to me to prove they do not.

Let me make sure I got this right. You make up a proposition out of whole cloth that has no basis in fact or reality, and it's up to everyone else to prove you're wrong. Sound familiar, rev?

Constitutional rights inure to benefit of US citizens does not even rise to level of judicial notice. 

To the jihadists this is a religious issue. No one will approach it that way for fear of being labeled as anti religious. That makes this new form of fighting much different than anything in WW2 and we would have to do the fighting differently today also.

I'm for the idea of getting England and  Europe to go in with us in a coalition effort that will involve only airstrikes. The ground fighting will be done by the countries ISIS is occupying and in at the  time.




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