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I see the great comparison here but the marjority of the world will not. Here is why.

Let's start with the fact that Hitler was a christian. He was Catholic and his SS troopers had rings reading "Gott Mit Uns." So far we can see that both Nazism and Islam have religion behind them.

The problem this presents for the rest of the world is that nobody wants to make a "religious war" out of the troubles with Islam. Our very ideas of "religious freedom" seems to prevent that. After all, christian denominations are now about 300 + strong and some of them are batshit crazy. What do you do? If you fight it becomes a "holy war." If you do not fight it all just builds up stronger. Sooner or later you have to do something.

Three major religions came out of the Abrahamic faith. In the New Pesterment Jesus himself said "I have not come to bring peace, but a sword." For over 2000 years we have seen that sword. Suspend belief in rationality for a moment and imagine Jesus conscious somewhere and watching everything here. He must be laughing his ass off! Either that or he is very much dead.

Something must be done, but the problem here is religion itself. God(s) are a delusion. Your holy book is a myth. You just cannot get mankind to admit that.

Michael, I didn't know Hitler's SS troopers had rings with the words "Gott Mit Uns".

I'm not surprised. In a history of WW1 I read that German army belt buckles had those words, and Americans who fought in Europe in WW2 told me they saw German army belt buckles with those words.

The slogan might have had a psychological effect. Andrew Roberts' book Masters and Commanders, on page 481, has these words:

However unpalatable it might be to admit it, the statistics allow no doubt: soldier for soldier the German fighting man and his generals outperformed Britons, Americans and Russians both offensively and defensively by a significant factor virtually throughout the Second World War.

- - - - - - -

...imagine Jesus conscious somewhere and watching everything here. He must be laughing his ass off! Either that or he is very much dead.

If he's laughing -- ass on or off -- he's a sociopath.

I agree, gods are a delusion, but delusions in peoples' minds can effect change.

This is reason for non-deluded people to pay attention.

Tom, as for the words "God With Us" being on rings and belt buckles, I found that somewhere on the Internet. Can't remember just where.

Your book quote doesn't surprise me. Nazis were well trained and Americans did everything to disprove the Hitler legend and appeal. I saw a picture one time of our troops burning a pair of Hitler's trousers. The idea was not to leave anything behind that could be used for veneration or even worship. There is also a propaganda picture of Hitler with a halo over his head.

American psychologist Walter Langer did a write up of Hitler in those days that bordered on early profiling. Langer thought Hitler only had one nut. (I guess this would take away his manhood.)

About 3 years ago I had a MRI ran. The reader could only see one testicle and suggested that I only had one nut. They stoop this low to avoid admitting a mistake. Very strange. I was born with 2 nuts and I still have them. Did they think their mistake was going to cause me to doubt?

Very strange!

Try this link => Gott mit uns images <= click here.

Nazis were well trained....

In my last semester in college, I needed three electives not in my major and chose one on modern European history. In the section on Germany a question asked why the German people had obeyed Hitler.

The answer acknowledged the country's economy and also said the German people had had 300 years of dictatorial leaders.

After WW2 a lot of academic research focused on Hitler and on authoritarianism. One book on him was titled The Psychopathic God, (which many atheists agree should have been titled Another Psychopathic God).

The interest in authoritarianism may have led to social psychology's becoming a legitimate field of study.

America's Republican Party right now has more nuts than the Democratic Party. The Democrats are not known for having balls.




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