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Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag is a 27 year old married woman who is eight months pregnant. And, she is soon to be hanged by the government of Sudan.

Her crime? Apostasy.

She left Islam, married a Christian man, and converted to Christianity. In addition to receiving a death sentence for apostasy, she has also been sentenced to receive 100 lashes for a sex crime. According to Sharia law, since she got pregnant by a Christian husband, the marriage is not recognized, and she committed adultery.

We in the west rightfully criticize Christianity, and the evil it promotes. But Islam is the most stark and blatant face of the evil that is religion. Even in the most ignorant parts of the American Bible Belt, no governmental court would impose a criminal sentence for leaving Christianity, nor for pronouncing non-belief. Yet this dictatorial and draconian set of  decrees known as Sharia seems to be spreading. The Sultan of Brunie just adopted Sharia for his country. Sudan has had it since 1983. Boko Haram engages in kidnapping and child rape in the name of the prophet. And Saudi Arabia has now declared atheism the equivalent of terrorism.

Christianity may well be the bottom of the barrel. To get to Islam, you have to pick the barrel up, and go underneath where the white worms feed on the rotting excrement. Islam is below that.

Stories here, and here.

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Islam is below that, and mostly so because you never hear of any "normal" Islamists speaking out about such cruel and inhumane bullshit as this. They just smile and look the other way, apparently believing that everything in the world is just fine, maybe because it is not happening to them. People of this caliber have to be the worst because they allow the suffering and death knowing that it came from within.

Religion of peace?  WHOSE peace?  More like religion of intolerance, of my way or the highway.

When you look at it hard enough, there really is very little difference between Shariah and Mosaic law.  The difference in the religions is that, at least in places, islam is actually willing to put ALL of their law into practice!  This has the effect of showing off to the whole world how barbaric and batshit insane their idea of justice is.

And I continue to wait for the supposedly "moderate" muslims to call those countries that engage in such practices on their barbarism.  I suspect I will be waiting a while.

There are some who take the view that a Jihad has been progressing for the last 12 years and a war of annihilation against Islam is necessary now rather than later.

I don't think this is an untenable view of the situation.

Napoleon, how do you think that would play out in Europe? In the US, we seem to be isolated, or least insulated, from the ever growing numbers of fundamentalist Islamist gangs in Paris, London, Stockholm, etc. I'm thinking of the Muslim gangs that roam various neighborhoods in London trying to impose sharia law. So far, I don't see the UK as having the intestinal fortitude to go in and re-impose western law. There also seems to be an Islamic pogrom against Jews in Sweden, especially in Malmo. And, I've been to a Muslim neighborhood in Paris. Reminded me of the gang infested slums in the US.

I think proof of the inevitability of war with Islam is in the fact that it has already started.

Notwithstanding the political views of tens of millions of Western Europeans, Europe will not take a stand against Islam in the near future but conflict is inevitable as aforesaid. The political parties prepared to take on Islam such as UKIP,  Le Front National and Geert Wilders Freedom Party in the Nederlands will do well in the EU elections but have a long way to go in gaining power in the respective countries.

A "war of annihilation"?  You understand what that sounds like, right, never mind what it would entail or result in?  I have no doubt but that islam shares christianity's penchant for feeling persecuted and if backed into a corner, it would fight with all the means it has.

Need I Remind You That Pakistan Is Islamic ... and Has NUKES?!?

Relax Loren, Islamification is not our problem. It's our grandchildrens problem.

We are a privileged minority of who can enjoy life in the remaining stable areas of the world in comfortable affluence.

I'm not likely to relax, Nappy.  I'd like to think I have a decade or two left on this planet, never mind my daughter, for whom I fear greatly as it comes to the legacy we boomers have left her and her fellows (and not just because of the rise of islam).  I have neither desire nor intention to sit back while wild-eyed fundamentalists of ANY stripe attempt to run roughshod over my me, my rights or my country.  A good portion of why I'm here is to alert people when I stumble onto something which may be of importance to those of us on A|N, so that we can all be aware and benefit.

As to islamification, I'm sufficiently Pollyanna-ish to think that maybe we don't have to go to the court of last resort to resolve that business.  As many have observed, christianity went through a very similar period and has mostly (!) gotten over it.  It may be that islam can be nursemaided through its adolescence as well, though the outlook right now is not hopeful.

I don't have grandchildren yet ... but if there is something to be done to keep them free of a world where there is no god but Allah with Mohammed his only prophet, I mean to do it.

Napoleon might be right, and with over population and climate change, he may very well be. Not to be too jingoistic or nationalistic, I do see the US as more of a bulwark than Europe. Sometimes, one just needs to be an asshole and stand up to the threat - damn political correctness. Islam is evil (not that the other Abrahamic religions are much better). I look at Europe as being all too willing to bend over and take it from the followers of the prophet, no matter what body cavity they want to stick it in. Here in America, there may actually be something to be said for armed rednecks who won't put up with that ignorant, capitulating shit!

Pat, there are people who seem to worship guns for no other reason than that the 2nd Amendment gives them the right to.  I don't own so much as a pop-gun, but if the shit hits the fan in the US, I will fully and properly arm myself, and anyone who threatens me or mine will wish they hadn't.

My grandfather taught me how to shoot.  He was an Elyria, Ohio motorcycle cop, who never once in 20 years had to draw his weapon in anger, yet who loaded rounds so well conceived that it enabled me to put five of them in the space of a half-dollar at 100 feet, having never handled that weapon before.

I do NOT want to own a gun ... but if I have to, trust me when I say this ... NO ONE wants to get in my face.

And of course, who invents determines that "right"?  Why, the imams and mullahs and ayatollahs who run the show, naturally!  Anyone check their work?  Oh, NO, that would be haram, it would be HERESY!

And it would spoil their game [tsk-tsk!].


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