The Taliban hanged a 8 year old boy very recently.  Saudi's arrested 7 people for having a party with young men and ladies.  Most were sentenced years of prison and most received lashings.  1 person got 7 years and a 1000 lashes.  People get their limb chopped. Gays are hanged.  People are still stoned to death.  People who try to say Islam is a peaceful are down right lies.  Women are treated like crap.  I could go on for ever about this Evil religion. I try to be open minded but when I heard about the little boy crying for his mother before he was hanged something in me snapped.

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Yes. And it is nothing really new or surprising. The most depressing thing is that it takes the death of a child, most likely via some shock-horror tabloid media service, to get some people to even begin to notice. And worse, others are too busy with other pop activism causes to waste their precious time on trivia.
I have no idea what the fuck you are trying to say
The links are very good
Civilized people don't put children to death for any reason. Surely you are not suggesting that it is ok to hang a child for spying.
The little boy was hanged for spying

This is what his murderers claim, but I don't believe it for a minute. The boy was from an influential family who cooperates with the Afghan government, so I find it more likely their real motive was vengeance or intimidation.
Yes - precisely. It was an act of terror. But it was framed as treachery (a secular offense), as opposed to blasphemy. There are juicier attrocities with unambiguous intent if the aim is show up islamic barbarism.
As I said, I would have been typing all night if I had listed everything that is evil about the book
I know he was accused of spying but it is still evil
After the 9/11 attack I still knew too little about Islam to hold an opinion. Even though the Islamic nations are obviously fucked up, I still didn't pass a judgment on the religion. The Taliban doesn't represent them all.

It was when I read through some of their book itself that I began to truly dislike the entire tradition (this was before I developed an overall spite toward all religion in general). They tend to be like Christians in the way that they talk about peace and love, ignoring all the hate in their central text. However, in their case it seems to be an even deeper delusion, because they will condone the horrific acts as they are performed, if the book says it is good.

I have been surrounded by Muslims before. They are some screwy people. For some reason they all seemed to have no problem whatsoever with hatred and violence. They also seemed more like a mafia and less like a spiritual religion.
In the end does it matter if he was spying or fucking goats. They hanged a little boy
And Christianity or Judeism is any better? Why Islam in particular. ALL superstitious world views are capable of stupidity and evil.
Because they are dark skinned? The inhumane acts being committed in Africa by Christians is just as gruesome.



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