At school today, there were a bunch of different stands "educating people" about differing subjects, one was Islam. It said on the banner that it "Liberates" women. Next to it, there was a woman wearing a head piece that showed nothing but her eyes. What are some quotes that you know that show this is true or untrue.

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Islam frees you from thinking.
Islam frees you from choosing.
Islam frees you from individuality.
Islam frees you from pleasure.
Islam frees you from freedom.
Explain. Don't just post your obviously poorly thought out hate speech.
Just because you don't like it doesn't make it hate speech. Funny how nobody cries "hate speech" when we say the same things about Christianity.
It is hate speech because its not true and done in a manner that intentionally promotes hatred. I also don't like it. Say what ever you guys want to but at least explain your reasoning behind it. Thats when it becomes a debate and not fluff.
You guys really think outside the box here....

Maybe you can better explain how Islam stops you from thinking, choosing, individuality, pleasure, freedom.

If its not hate speech then explain why.

I'm going to try an experiment.I'll post this Islam frees you speech and do a poll asking if people think its hate speech or .. need feed back as to the other option here..
how does Islamophobia sound as the second option? I'm ruling out rational thought but we can talk about that one a little.
Educated dislike of a religion is not the same as a mental illness. Don't act like you have a corner on rationality. If you really think Islam does all these wonderful things you have your head completely in the clouds. In fact your Quran quotes, glowing reviews of Islam, accusing anyone who doesn't have glowing reviews of Islam of "hate speech" (how convenient) make you sound identical to many Muslims I've talked to. This is not a place for theists.
Lets get one thing straight. I am not here to be Islam's spokesmen. I came here to engage in rational debate about the liberation of women as it applies to Islam and the Quran. The title of this thread is after all "Islam Liberates women according to the Koran" I gave a brief history there for those of us with little back ground in pre-Islamic human rights.
Head in the clouds? You never say exactly what you mean. Are you incapable of having an actual debate or are your emotions too hard for you to control?
I have been here 1 day and already I find an enemy consumed by her own irrational emotions convinced I am a muslim in disguise.
Just think about it for a second. Take out the emotional fears you have.

Look at it like this and I can respect anyone who does this especialy in our messed up society. That is guarding your chastity. Simply put Islam liberates women from our sex obsessed society. There is no question of if thats true or not.
Now here is where you come in. Maybe Islam goes too far. Ok great I am looking forward to what you have to say but lets think before we speak.
Speaking of sex obsession,Mohamed had like 11 wifes!
He did conquer just about the whole map though. 13 was the number he stopped at btw.
I thought the statements were obvious to any member here and needed no explanation. Islam is no different from Christianity in asking its followers to abandon reason for unthinking faith, to forgo pleasure in this life in anticipation of ecstasy in another life, and to submit to a totalitarian authority. This is the antithesis of freedom.

I have no love for Islam, Christianity, Judaism, or any other totalitarian ideology but I see no cause to label my previous comment hate speech.

Please explain your defense of Islam.
The reason I defend Islam is because I feel freethinking people apply the same irrational fears as say a religious zealot. Infact I am not defending Islam only stating a fact about how Islam "liberates". I think if you are an athiest you must hold yourself to the highest standard possible not just be a person with no morals or one who speaks foolishly about things that they have little understanding of. Thats not a personal attack thats my response. I feel we should raise the bar a bit and be fair. Devil advocate but I stand by my assertion that it does in fact liberate.

Can you please respond to that.



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