At school today, there were a bunch of different stands "educating people" about differing subjects, one was Islam. It said on the banner that it "Liberates" women. Next to it, there was a woman wearing a head piece that showed nothing but her eyes. What are some quotes that you know that show this is true or untrue.

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You're certainly correct but, since I can only control my own behavior, it is sometimes easier and more productive to do what I must to avoid predictable annoyances. I don't like obnoxious drunks, so I don't hang out in bars -- even though I have the right to hang out in a bar without being subjected to the behavior of obnoxious drunks. Maybe if I were a bartender the comparison would be more apt, since women cannot easily choose not to be women and a bartender may have to make sacrifices to change his/her profession.

I've worked very hard training myself to "look at the face," but I swear there are women who seem to go out of their way to draw attention elsewhere. Surely there must be a little shared responsibility.
I'm not even referring to moves, unless a glance is a move. "May I stare at your chest?" seems an inappropriate question in almost any circumstance.
Well, do you stare like really hard and drool? I mean I love to catch a glance sometimes but, just like talking there is a polite way to stare I guess.Most of the bars I go to girls do show some skin but, it's about how comfortable she feels about the person whom is staring or let me reprhase that " admiring" the female anatomy.
I was a high school teacher for 30 years and have seen first hand how young women use their bodies in a attempt to influence male teachers - leaning over a desk with the top buttons of the blouse open, brushing against the teacher in a suggestive manner, talking excessively about their sexuality.
I realize they are teenagers, but they do know what they are doing.
If I had lacked the morals or didn't worry about losing my job,my wife and probably go to jail, I could have exploited them for my own pleasure - in fact I was openly propositioned several times.
A number of male teachers, unfortunately, gave into temptation.
dirty old man
Only if I had succumbed to the temptation - which I didn't.
have seen first hand how young women use their bodies in a attempt to influence male teachers

Don't you mean some young women?

I've also seen a few male teachers focus on the cheerleaders and their ilk, rather than give their full attention to other students. Having been a young woman who was interested in getting a good education (i.e. I like to learn), and who would have never dreamed of acting like that, I can remember how certain girls were favored by a few male teachers. I don't remember any of them flashing tit, not that I think it doesn't happen.

I do remember trying to get the attention of a chemistry teacher when my fingertips were burning, because some asshole student hadn't properly cleaned a dish when they were done with it. The teacher was busy talking to a cheerleader (she was being cutesy, maybe she was trying to get a higher grade), and I finally had to yell to get his attention. This, of course, was wrong of me, even though I ended up with burnt fingertips.
I can see how this would be a learned response. In a society that blames rape on the woman who "incited" it, men act like they have no control over themselves and a free license to do whatever they want. (I know I'm making generalizations. I just don't feel like making disclaimers all the time.) There are lots of things I do to avoid being harassed, even though ideally I should not have to change my own behavior. This isn't liberation, though. It's just a trade off--giving up one thing to avoid another.
I have to point out an observation I made last night after watching that video on page one.

Yes rape and honor killings are rampant but how often do they actually occur? Do they occur more often then say revenge is exacted on the rapist or more so then sharia law is enforced?
I would say no they do not occur more so than those so stating a society that blames rape on the woman to me seems like a incredible exaggeration.

I do know that it happens a lot. I also know men who find out especially in the arabian world Iran really aint arabian they kill that person dead as a door nail.

I consider Egypt an Islamic society but its a westernized country and women walk around as they wish and there are nude beaches and tourist spas all over.

I plan on working there in the winter when it gets cold here :D
And their money.
I said it first.
- Kilroy Jaume


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