At school today, there were a bunch of different stands "educating people" about differing subjects, one was Islam. It said on the banner that it "Liberates" women. Next to it, there was a woman wearing a head piece that showed nothing but her eyes. What are some quotes that you know that show this is true or untrue.

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I know, but we have to be all politically correct and be like "yeah! you go Islam!"
You don't have to, isn't illegal to insult Islam in the United States...yet. I'd go all out before it's made illegal.
I highly recommend Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book, "Infidel" if you are curious about one woman's experience growing up with Islam.
It's an excellent book, and from someone who knew Islam very intimitely...kind of hard for apologists to throw out the usual "you just don't understand Islam" when she lived in several different Islamic countries and was devout for many years.
Islam liberates people of their freedom, money, imagination, and common sense, just like all religions do.
There is a feminist who translated the Quran and found some words to be ambiguous. One is a word that can mean to either "beat" or to "leave." Men naturally took it to mean permission to beat your wife when she does not believe you. The feminist who translated it believes that Mohammed meant for men to leave their wives alone until she comes to her senses.

Mohammed was a feminist for his time. He gave women rights in the Quran that did not exist at the time. And the idea of covering modestly was in reply to seeing women sold naked in the streets as sex slaves. It was not intended the way it has since been taken.
Sounds good to me. Then we can base a religion off it. >.>
The general rule here is, what is wrtiten is absolute with interpretation as required
If it was ambiguous, then it was ambiguous that he was a feminist for his time. Even if the Quran was mistranslated, that means most Muslims have gotten it wrong too. There are several versions of the Quran and most of them have the word "beat", and one of them says to leave her alone and don't beat her, but that is thought of as the "niced up for Westerners" version. Islamic apologists have also claimed that Mohammed said to beat your wife "with a toothbrush" when asked, as a way of saying it's wrong to use force on her, but none of the versions of the Quran say anything about that.

About the dressing modestly/sex slave, this either/or is still going on today. It's liberating/demeaning to show the body, or it's respectful/oppressive to be covered up. How about the lack of political implications that men enjoy regarding their attire? But I don't think Mohammed was a feminist being that he married a prepubescent girl, had convenient visions that Allah wanted him to have sex with people he wasn't supposed to have sex with, and made exceptions to other sexual rules because he was the Prophet. Some have said he (and others in child marriages) were merely rescuing children who would otherwise be orphaned. There was no adoption back then?
I had read that he married mostly widows to prevent their children being orphaned. Maybe I had read it wrong. I am disturbed by the marriage to Aisha for certain, though. Not to mention having a teenage wife should drive anyone insane, and from what I read, she was a bitch to boot.
Hah! I don't know much about Aisha being a bitch (I might be a bitch too if married to a 50 year old man at age 9), except apparently she said something along the lines of "how interesting that Allah takes such a keen interest in who you should have sex with" (regarding Mohammed's "Allah commanded me to have sex with so-and-so" visions)

I've been told by some Muslim women who wear the traditional clothing that it makes them feel less like sex-objects in public -- that men tend to treat them with more respect than they think would be the case if they wore clothing that allows or encourages men to focus on the shape of their bodies.




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