I don't how many here know what 'Black Metal' is. It started in Norway about 25 years ago. It's the genre of metal that is the most blasphemous & anti-Christian of all (but really, you can bash Xtianty in Norway as much as you want, and never have to worry about 'losing you head'... not so for the following bands).

There's the story of a 28 yr old Iraqi girl Anahita. After she lost her parents and brother to a suicide bomber, she started her own 'revolution' against Islam. She created a whole new genre of music... 'anti-Islamic black metal.' She went with the extreme blasphemy of black metal, but flipped the anti-Christian message to anti-Islam. She created the band “Janaza” and fronted as singer. A 2nd Iraqi band spun off (“Seeds of Iblis”), where she and another woman (Epona) are lead singers. Yet a 3rd band (“Tadnees”) followed, but this one is in Saudi Arabia. Together, they call themselves the “Arabic Anti-Islamic Legion.” There is another black metal band from Lebanon, not connected with the others, “Ayat.”

The intensity of blasphemy against Islam is now equal to that of Christianity, with the formation of these bands. Careers are being launched & fame being made, from the blasphemy of Islam. This is a damn 'healthy' sign! Perhaps a sign there may be an 'Islamic Reformation' after all. It's certainly the sign the Imams can't control it anymore.

When I was here last fall, I befriended a young Egyptian. His name was Kalliope Wurter, some of you may remember him. We talked about these bands, and he mentioned he was a drummer and wanted to create one of these anti-islamic bands. So while on the subject of Kali, does anyone know what happened to him??

Anyway, here's an article on Anahita and anti-Islamic black metal:

“In a scene revered and reviled for its commitment to darkness and blasphemy, it's nevertheless rare to encounter musicians who are, quite literally, willing to die for their art. Anahita's message is controversial, but it also comes with sobering, almost-jarring humanity. As her one-woman war against Islam rages on, her deepest desire seems to be for peace—or at least, for understanding.

"The goals of Janaza and Seeds Of Iblis are to show the world that Islam is dangerous," she said, "and even the people who live in the Middle East get hurt by this religion and seek for freedom of speech, just like the other people from all over the world."


Some of the songs:


burn the pages of the quran

Islamic lies

when islam brainwashed mankind

Seeds of Iblis:

behind the horns of allah

inverted hilal

no islam

allah is dead


sacrilege to mosques

nuke mecca

Ayat: (who amazingly have been playing openly in clubs in Lebanon, and still have their heads)

all hail allah the swine

Seeds of Iblis seem to be the most productive of the bands. They have an EP and 2 CDs out (anti-quran ritual & the black quran). They not only sell CDs, but black & colored vinyl records. You may not like this style of music, but they're atheists who are risking their lives, to make their music, and get out their message. They've 'earned' the right to hate Islam. I'm supporting them by buying their music.

Promotion for their latest CD “the black quran”:

"The fires of wrath burn strong in the Middle-East and in wartorn Iraq true hatred florishes. From the shackles of Islam rises SEEDS OF IBLIS, Iraqian anti-islam Black Metal horde, lead furiously by a woman of blasphemous dedication, Anahita! The rite of the Black Quran continues their path started by the previously released "Jihad against Islam" 7" EP, spits on the teachings of Allah and inverts the Quran to Black Quran, accompanied with tunes of fast and mystical Black Metal. The "Black Quran" MCD features one long song with interludes and passages to ridicule Islam in a most blasphemous way. Truly dangerous Black Metal from the lands where war is reality and the struggle against Islam can be lethal."

Seeds of Iblis facebook:


The embed codes weren't working for me, so here's links to some of these videos:









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There will be more of this in the coming years. I see a spirit of free-thought rising among Indian Muslims. Islam prescribes a death penalty for those who leave the religion but I know of several Muslim atheists and their number is rising. The proportion of atheists among Muslims in India is just about the same as that among Hindus. While the world is fighting a violent war war with Islamic fundamentalism, Islam will also have to contend with internal dissent on an increasing scale. While all religions have only a small time to live (I give religions a life of not more than 200 years from now.) Islam may fall before all religions due to both internal and external pressures.

Good on the musicians and artists for producing this material and I hope they stay safe and well. I recently put it to a Metal enthusiast that the genre seems to have difficulty breaking away from the supernatural whereas Punk is generally Atheistic. She pointed out Black Metal to me and I didn't have an answer.

'Black' can mean 'the devil' but if Kalliope Wurter is into it, then it warrants further appraisal. KW is an educated young guy from a middle class family and for these reasons is safer than others from the ravages of Islam. I hope he is doing well.

Kalliope's group was for the German band Rammstein so he knows good music.


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