Islamic Defender Front (FPI) caused many troubles for Indonesia

Islamic Defender Front (FPI) wants Indonesia to be khilafah country, that made lot of troubles in Indonesia, many times they bring terrors for society, on 2 June a transgender named Angela from Makasar, Indonesia has been mauled by them. She has terrible injured on her face, and the police seems like not to give any respons...

Indonesia was very tolerance country before, but after FPI came and destroyed everything, I am Indonesian, i love my country, also i am atheist, sure i want to see my country back to tolerance country like before... please tell this to the world, the truth has to be uncovered

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This is so tragic.

What a bad world the fundamental religionists are making of it. 

yes, that is so bad, even few moments ago, in front of United Nations, Indonesian ministry of religion says that Indonesia is the most tolerance country, based on what??!!

many intolerance cases in Indonesia, such as FPI bullied Yasmin Church members, they killed ahmadia members in Cikeusik, Indonesia.. also police arrested Alex Aan because of his Atheism..

This is has to be end...




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